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Review brief: "Live!!! Nude!!! Girls!!!" is one of those films that you just know--the second the opening credits begin to roll--is going to be a good one...and this is indeed the case here. This excellent production from B. Skow, Paul Thomas, and Vivid features former contract performers--Meggan Mallone, Nikki Jayne, Hanna Hilton, Savanna Samson, and A.J. Bailey--in five separate boy/girl scenes that all rock...hard. While there isn't any meaningful plot here, there really isn't a need for one, as the performers are in top form and the sex is scorching.
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Review brief: "Teases and Pleases" is a very good production from Vivid and a variety of its directors that showcases--at one scene apiece--some of their more-recent (though former) contract performers. On the agenda for this one are scenes from Nikki Jayne, A.J. Bailey, Lia, Meggan Mallone, and Savanna Samson--an all-star lineup, no doubt. While there is something of a compilation feel to this one, I couldnt match any of the sequences to any that I have seen in the past...though I certainly don't have a comprehensive knowledge of the entire Vivid catalog, either. Compilation-feel or not, the ladies really deliver in this production--as they're apt to do--and bring home the goods.
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