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Review brief: Nothing but trouble (...and sex...) follow when an investigation into the "Boner Bandit" leads Ginger Lynn (as Suzy Cox), a young P.I. from Des Moines, Iowa, to Beverly Hills, California. Such is the case in "Beverly Hill's Cox", a very good, mid-80's release from Caballero and Paul Vatelli.
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Review brief: "Sex Games" is a fun little fuck-flick from the early 80s and Caballero that features Kevin James as a young horndog who, bored with his girlfriend, turns to the newfangled technology of computer dating to sate his carnal desires. Of course, given the date of the production, "computer dating" is a totally different affair in this release when compared with what the viewer may be used to from today. Indeed, Kevin's computer is ancient, and it simply uses a dial-up modem to interact with the dating agency's computer. Regardless, he still manages to "hack" their system, create a fake profile, and use the various ladies' details that he finds as scouting reports to get them in the sack. Ultimately, he gets found out, but it's not before he samples some high-end 80s quim...including the likes of the late, great Shauna Grant (rest her soul).
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Review brief: Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can really change your life. That is exactly what happens to Gina Carrera. During a night out with her lover, they end up at a place where there is a special event taking place, a cock sucking contest. Once all the bets were placed, the girl that was hired to do the blowjob was allowed to start. A few minutes into the bj, the girl got angry at her manager for constantly yelling at her, so she quit halfway thru the event. Suddenly the cheering crowd quickly became an angry mob, and demanded their money back. Gina decides to stand it for the girl that quit, and after easily getting the guy off under the time limit, Gina is informed that there is alot of money to be made in these contests. The girl that quit calls her friend Cythia Silkthroat on the telephone and tells her about this new girl that gives great blowjobs, and that she may be entering the Superbowl of Suckoff Championship.
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