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Review brief: THE BIGGER THE BETTER is a pre-condom film and one of the true classics of gay porn. Quite possibly it is the best ever made. It certainly remains one of the hottest. Big-dicked Rick Donovan's topping of straight actor Peter North (appearing here as Matt Ramsey) is legendary, and the coming out scene between Mike Ramsey and Buster is both highly erotic and touchingly beautiful. The film is an absolute must-see and belongs in every collection.
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Boxcover for Bigger the Better, The (HIS)
Bigger the Better, The (HIS) 

Release date: 5/19/2005
Reviewed on: 12/28/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Rick Donovan, Buster, John Thomas
Studio: HIS & HIS Gold

Directed by: Matt Sterling
Review brief: THE BIGGER THE BETTER was one of the hottest pre-condom films made so its high time its been transferred to DVD. It features Rick Donovan, a young guy with a humongous cock, and a couple of real cuties: Bobby Madison, Buster, Joe Craig, and Brian Hawks (who in his early appearances such as this one used the name Shawn McIvan). Its notable also in the fact that Matt Ramsey bottoms for the hugely endowed Donovan especially since Matt Ramsey went on to become straight porn star Peter North. The irony of it all is that his gay porn appearances are far superior to his straight porn appearances. I guess he thought cunt tasted better than cock. Ah, well, theres no accounting for taste. As the film begins, teacher Matt Ramsey is having problems with student Rick Donovan. He asks the inattentive student to stay after school. When they are alone it is not teacher Matt who exerts authority over the student, but the other way around when Rick hauls out his massive member and proceeds to drive it up the teachers ass.
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Review brief: I first saw Stryker Force years ago (the copyright says 1987, seems earlier than that somehow) and decided to revisit it. Im a big fan of hunky, smooth guys with big dicks, and there are certainly enough in this film to fill the bill. Also I remembered and often fantasized about a hot scene with Jeff Stryker and Steve Hammond and wanted to see if was really as good as I remembered. The video starts off with Jeff, Steve, and John Farley (purporting to be Steves dad) meeting to set up an implausible story line having to do with a fortune in lost diamonds which Farley wants the guys to recover for him. There is no love lost between Steve and his father or between Steve and his "cousin," Jeff; but the 2 boys agree to join together to try to get the diamonds. Before they leave for the jungle, however, were treated to a 2-man tryst in a box car between Jim Pulvar and Ted Dowell, while outside Steve Hammond and a band of very hunky shirtless friends posture and flex. Pulvar isn't the most handsome or best built guy you'll see, but he's hung nicely and puts his meat to good use.
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