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Review brief: Ashton Sorenson! This young blond with his pretty uncut prick who makes his film debut here as a guest star in this episode is as beautiful as any of the boys you will find at Bel Ami and well worth the price of admission. As our soap continues we find the mysterious Lucky Hanson (Gabriel Knight) doing odd jobs to pay for his room. One of these is to get the hot tub working. As Lucky leans over to retrieve a condom, he falls headlong into the tub. Rob Romoni gives him a hand up, and a robe to put on over his wet clothes. He tells Lucky that his TV isnt working and would he come to his room to see whats wrong. Of course the TV is working properly. What is wrong is Robs hard cock confined in his Speedos. Robit turns outis the president of Bubble Underwear and offers Lucky a job putting his bubble butt into Bubble Underwear even though Lucky wont put his bubble butt to work for Robs cock. Now enters Ashton Sorenson. He has been watching Luckys deliverance from the hot tub and comes just in the nick of time to assuage Robs boner.
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Review brief: On MELROSE PLACE there was one token gay guy. On WET PALMS, a show that seems suggestive of the former, there are no token straights. This is not the first gay soap. That honor goes to an episodic piece called YOUNG HEARTS, BROKEN DREAMS. But YHBD was softcore; WET PALMS is hardcore. (Is it ever!) It also features a cast of top-notch performers who are the hottest stars around. This first episode (Who is Lucky Hanson) begins with Lucky Hanson (played by a cute newcomer, Gabriel Knight) arriving at Wet Palms inquiring after the owner, Randall Jett. The manager (played with much swishyness by Bret Wolfe) tells him that Randall is in Europe. Bret is taken aback as Lucky resembles a certain Sebastian and that gives him a bad feeling. Nevertheless he is intrigued, and gives Lucky a room. We have our first sex scene when Lucky is showering and jacks off while watching the cute pool boyoops, sorryaquatic maintenance engineer Tripp (Cody Cash). Sadly, Gabriel doesnt cum. In this episode we also meet two lovers played by Jason Ridge and Brad Benton.
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