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Review brief: Review: Sam Nos excellent production, Car Wash Girls (from Elegant Angel), has just officially popped my Blu-Ray porn cherryand what an exceptional movie to lose it to this one was. The visual clarity of this film is something to beholdparticularly in this high-resolution formatits utterly amazing! For those who have not yet checked into Blu-Ray, now would be a great time. It adds quite a lot to a production. The premise behind Car Wash Girls is exactly what its name would seem to implywomen washing cars. But were not just talking about any cars herenothese cars are top-of-the-line (in most cases) and range from fancy sports cars to pimped-out SUVs to more rugged, go-anywhere trucks. Typically, the sequences begin with the relevant actresses not only cleaning the well-maintained machines but also doing some hot teasing, posing, and stripping prior to the entrance of the male lead for the particular segment. These intros often get absolutely scorching.
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Review brief: Kristina Rose is Slutwoman was a frustratingly difficult movie to review. In terms of hardcore sex action, all but one of the five scenes here can be described as perfunctory, by-the-numbers, and disappointingly conventional. However, every scene that could have been a forgettable exercise is saved, redeemed, and enhanced by Kristina Rose's raw energy. Don't miss some of her most captivating work yet.
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Review brief: For all of its surface beauty (especially in high-def), Buttwoman Returns also suffers from a case of "been there, done that." If you've seen any number of Elegant Angel's other titles, you'll probably recognize many of the locations and music tracks, as well as the basic "tease, sex, repeat" story structure. But if you want to see Alexis Texas do her thing, this movie provides an excellent showcase for her skills. Despite the engaging presence of her co-stars, the focus never strays from Alexis for long, if at all. She can move and work her ass like nobody else in the business.
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