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Review brief: This is the second release I've seen from Nectar studios. The first was a well done dvd full of gorgeous women with lots of vibrant colors used. At first glance this release holds more of the same and this type of "pretty porn" is a nice change from the gonzo porn I normally prefer to watch. Not to say the sex here isn't fun to watch, it is but it's a change from the balls to the wall action I usually watch. There is no dialogue in these scenes, we only have the performers, the music, and the atmosphere created to sell the scenes so let's find out how good a job they did. Phoenix Ray: The scene begins and you see a whole lot of red color plus several mannequins dressed nicely. You then see Billie Tyler sitting and he is sketching the beautiful Phoenix. The music which is playing creates a soft sensual mood and the shots of Phoenix only further this feelng of sensualness. She pulls her hair back, caresses a breast, or runs her hand below over her pussy to help this tease along. Billie has a glare of intense interest as he sketches this beauty.
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