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Review brief: Please see our review of Coming of Age, Part One first, otherwise this discussion may seem a bit out of sequence for you. Coming of Age Two picks up where it predecessor leaves off. We are re-introduced to Keri Windsor and her coming of age into her own place in time as she sets forth to develop her own personality. Wealthy beyond belief, Keri has taken it upon herself to share home and sexual partners with her other friends as she comes out into her own. As was done in the pre-quel, the pairings of Julian and Jill Kelly, Jewel DeNyle, Dale DaBone, Tabitha Stevens and Cheyne Collins are followed by the remaining others who have yet to hook up. Next left to get together in this pairing is Sydnee Steele and Mark Davis. This couple goes for a full force venture complimented by Sydnees perfect body and Marks super-sized uncut member. One of the true highlights from the combined two films. Searching for activities of her own, Keri wanders her mansion looking for attention. Poor little rich girl.
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Review brief: In the first part of this two part series from the talents of Jill Kelly Productions, we are introduced to a girl who seems a bit out of place given her position in life. Keri Windsor play a well to do single lady who through her entire life has had to follow the lead of others living the life that they had all felt appropriate for her. With the times changing and her search for her individual identity, Keri sets off to search her own way. Concerned that she does not feel good about anything, Keri seeks the advice of long time assistant and friend played by Lauren Montgomery. Discussing the issues and trying on some new outfits, Keri makes a play on the unsuspecting Lauren but to no avail. Being the good helper, Lauren passes on the pass and backs away. This forces Keri to think even more so about things. Flashing ahead to the evening, we are taken to the outside of Keris humble abode. A huge castle like mansion set away in the hills overlooking the beauty of the city.
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Review brief: Starring: Keri Windsor, Jill Kelly, Haven, Syndee Steele, Lauren Montgomery, Shannon, Mark Davis, Julian, Alec Metro Can someone please sit me down and explain how Jill Kelly ended up with Nina Hartley's ass? Did she steal it off her front porch while the porn legend was around back tending a garden? Was it left unwatched in some unguarded cloak room? I don't know, but the truth of the matter is that Jill Kelly's got herself an ass that brings tears to my eyes, and I don't cry easily. Old Yeller couldn't do it, but Jill's rump can. Go figure. It's too bad that the rest of Coming of Age 2 doesn't aspire to the grandeur of Jill's ham side. It should, and it could have succeeded if it wanted to do more. Picking up where the first ended, Part Two begins with Keri Windsor saying goodnight to the high society dinner guests she's just lured over to the slutty side of the tracks. Apparently this movie was edited together from whatever footage was left over from the original.
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