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Review brief: Take six anally-inclined porn-starlets, cast them as sexy ballerinas, and what do you get? Why, Anal Ballerinas from Wicked Pictures, of course.
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Review brief: Here we have a flick that you don't often see, ballerinas are the focus and they like to do a few other things besides standing on their toes and stretching-- how about stretching out their asses to take long cocks or as the case is in one scene, a toy which takes one girls anal virginity here, that'd be Melanie Jayne. You have a lot of humor here so be prepared to laugh a little as well as enjoy some good strong anal sex.
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Review brief: Hook Ups 8 Directed by:Mark Stone - Initial Thoughts: I'm gonna get something out of the way first, but let me say, I like Wicked Pictures, they put out some great features, have fantastic contract girls, and are generally a great company from my experience with them, however, it immediately frustrates me to no end, when I pick up a disc, and advertising does not line up with the reality of the product. On the front cover, it is advertised as having 7 sex scenes, which it does, however, the 7th is merely a bonus scene from a previously released title. Now this is not nearly the biggest injustice in porn advertising history, it's relatively minor, however it is completely uncalled for, and puts me the reviewer in a tight spot, because now I have to make a call, and tell all of you readers, either the feature does not deliver what it promises, or the extras on the disc suck if I count the bonus scene as part of the promised 7.
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