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Boxcover for View To a Thrill
View To a Thrill 

Release date: 6/16/2006
Reviewed on: 7/10/2006 by netguy

Starring: Michael White, Steve Henson, Adam Grant, Rex Chandler, Corey Savage, Kevin Sharpe
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Marc Fredrics
Review brief: From 1990 comes this pre-condom film from the vaults of H.I.S. video. The opening credits are really grainy and horrible and I really thought the worst, but once the film starts the quality isnt half bad. A View to a Thrill launched the career of Rex Chandler, the muscular, blond, gay-for-pay top man, and spoofs spy flicks with some good old fashioned man on man action. It begins with the studly blond Rex Chandler as he heads to Hawaii to thwart the evil doings of Corey Savage as he tries to make off with a valuable diamond. Or something like that. Rex arrives at the princesss lair only to find Michael White, the boyfriend of Corey, another blond god, doing chin ups in his briefs. Rex walks over and strips down to his as well, and the two begin a bit of foreplay on the bar as bombastic drums play in the background. The two have already worked up a sweat before any real action takes place as they kiss and caress one another. The two eventually get naked and continue their acrobatics with a bit of ass rimming before the two settle on a couch and Rex gets his big cock sucked.
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