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Review brief: Director: Lucas Kazan Cast: Pietro Cattani, Victor Racek, Glauco, Flavio Rossini, Marco Ramazzotti, Daniele Della Valle, Daniele Barbareschi, Tony Colombo, Michelangelo Risi, Roberto Ruggiero, Raul Veneziani, Claudio Casanova Story: You may expect some kind of story in a softcore gay flick, but youd be let down. Instead A Taste of Italy contains four unrelated vignettes, which are softcore versions of the scenes in Italian Style. Check out that review for a complete play-by-play of the scenes. The Palace This was one of my favorite scenes in Italian Style, and holy cow did it get butchered here. The whole thing lasts about 6 minutes. Heres what bothers me the most about this scene: there were some hardcore scenes here that had the penetration mosaiced out. At one point over 50 of the screen was all blurry.
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Boxcover for Our Summer
Our Summer 

Release date: 11/30/2001
Reviewed on: 2/1/2002 by netguy

Starring: Andrea Albani, Marco Ramazzotti, Ettore Tosi, Corey Summers, Federico Bulsara, Gennaro Grimaldi, Luca Ferri, Francesco Maldini
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Lucas Kazan
Review brief: Lucas Kazans Our Summer is a softcore adaption of the film Across The Ocean and is probably one of the best softcore features I have seen! With beautiful landscapes and backdrops, a wonderful musical score, and a cast of perfection this one really stands out. Although there are no hardcore shots like penetration, oral or cum shots dont let that fool you. There is enough nudity, sporadic dick shots and scenes of sucking and fucking that leave it up to your imagination its still quite hot! The picture quality is exceptionally clear which brings out the beauty in both nature and the performers. Theres also some brief interviews with the cast, which is pretty much all Italian, and you get a brief glimpse into the background of these guys. It was interesting. For example Ettore is 26 and a go-go boy, Fabio is 21 loves soccer and isnt much into body building but likes a lean physique, etc. It begins with Francesco Maldini and Ettore Tosi walking along the desert sand in the buff. They stop to kiss and caress each other, lay naked on the dunes and sensually enjoy each others bodies.
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Review brief: A TASTE OF ITALY Director: Lucas Kazan Starring: Pietro Cattani, Victor Racek, Glauco, Flavio Rossini, Marco Ramazzotti, Daniele, Delle Valle, Claudio Casanova, Daniele Barbareschi, Tony Colombo, Michelangelo Risi, Roberto Ruggiero, Paul Venesiani Disc Specs: Special Features: Slide Show with Optional Directors Commentary, Previews, Featurette. Running Time: Fifty-two minutes As The Divine Miss M once stated, It isnt the sequel to JAWS, at all...Its just a lot of kissing and mezuzahs. (Not being of the Hebrew faith, I had always assumed that mezuzahs were something dirty). The same statement could hold true for Lucas Kazans soft-core extravaganza of earthly delights, A TASTE OF ITALY. Lots of soul kissing, lots of phenomenally built men, ample flesh on display, sumptuous settings, gorgeous photography - but no penetration. Literally.
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Review brief: NOTE: This is a SOFTCORE movie. That means no penetration, no cum shots, and no erections. What does that leave, you might ask? Not much Since Ive never seen a softcore movie before, I had a few assumptions going in. The main two were these: 1). Since they couldnt show any penetration or hard cocks, they would focus on the more romantic side of sex: kissing, cuddling, massage, etc 2). Without all the explicit sex going on, I figured there would be more time to flesh out an actual story. Turns out I was wrong on both accounts. The sex isnt any more romantic than what you see in hardcore porn; its just shot from weird angles so that you dont see anything too X-rated. What sex there is rarely lasts more than 3 or 4 minutes, compared to an average hardcore scene that lasts about 15.
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