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Review brief: Bacchanale is a dark film to come from the early 70s. As masturbation material it would be a waste to view this title. As a haunting film, this is one that should be checked out. VCX has done a decent job with the release of Bacchanale.
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Review brief: A pair of yokel, talent-show sisters (Suzy Mandel and Dory Devon) looking to make it big in New York, a rich and conniving British heiress and her naive nephew (Eric Edwards), and a mix up involving a long lost, priceless broach all combine and ignite to fuel the fire that is "Blonde Ambition". A very good, adult comedy filmed in the late 70s and from Jon and Lem Amero and Video-X-Pix, this high-budget fuck-flick packs the plot of a low-budget mainstream release of its era into a tight, tongue-in-cheek, pornographic package...and the result is utterly watchable.
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Review brief: BACCHANALE (1970) is a 76 minute trip through a strange dreamscape. VXC has re-released the film in a special widescreen edition as part of their Cal Vista Classics series, which debuted in 2008.
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