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Review brief: Tom Byron's movies always deliver this one is not the exception, even when is a porn parody.
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Review brief: This is a very fun porn parody. Lee Roy Myers updates the horror classic into a fun porno parody with Anthony Rosano doing a killer job as Freddy. The rest of the cast does a great job, both fucking as well as dealing with a very enjoyable script. The technical aspects show a lot of care, and the extras have some nice effort put into them as well. This one's definitely worth picking up.
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Review brief: Porn parodies are everywhere these days. And while most of them gear towards something safe, like Wife Swap, others venture where no one has gone before. Horror parodies arent the most common ones out there, but they can be quite interesting, like Friday the 13th or Re-Penetrator. This past year The Human Centipede (First Sequence) came out. If you watch horror movies, it was a must-see. A German film, the Human Centipede featured dumb girls who end up at the house of a people-hating Siamese-twin-separating doctor who wants to make a human centipede. And make one he does, about 40 minutes in. Instead of hinting at it, he actually does it, and its gross on one level and fascinating on another, as his three unwilling victims get joined ass to mouth. Its fairly obscene, and you might find yourself thinking, well, this would make a funny porn parody...
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