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Boxcover for Sex 3: Sex After Seven
Sex 3: Sex After Seven 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 2/13/2002 by yogagrrl

Starring: Nick East, Tom Byron, Alex Sanders, Ashlyn Gere, Leena, Felicia, Sandi Beach, Maec Wallice
Studio: Vivid Wave

Directed by: Layne Parker
Review brief: Cast: Ashlyn Gere, Leena, Felicia, Sandi Beach, Alex Sanders, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron and Nick East. Director: Layne Parker Production date: 10/25/99 (box); 7/28/93 (feature) Length: 82 min. Extras: Eight biographies, ten previews and 33 bonus scenes. Audio/visual quality: The camerawork is sure and steady, with a nice mix of long, medium and close-up shots. A few shadows fall on the action, but they're not too bad. Audio is a bit hollow and spotty in places. As might be expected in the outdoor settings, there's a little noise from wind, airplanes, a police siren, etc. Some of the music is markedly better than typical porno tunes from the early 1990s. Several pieces have a pleasing "unplugged" quality, featuring acoustic guitar.
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Boxcover for Naked Desert
Naked Desert 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 7/25/2000 by astroknight

Starring: Steven St. Croix, Kylie Ireland, Anna Malle, Marc Wallice, Hank Armstrong, Sandi Beach
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Layne Parker
Review brief: Running Time: 1:11 Director: Layne Parker Cast: Anna Malle, Kylie Ireland, Sandi Beach, Marc Wallice, Steven St. Croix, and Hank Armstrong Extras: Biographies, interactive sex, previews, and Vivid's "multiple angles" Audio / Video Quality: The audio really sucks the big one. A few spots are missing music, so all you hear is the wind. Then, when they decide to have music, it often overpowers the rest of the audio. The video quality would be okay, but I think lot of the camera work was done by somebody who probably isn't even old enough to watch the movie. The Plot (or at least as close as I could come to one): Sandi and Steven camping in the desert and meet a friend or two while there. A mysterious woman appears to all of them at some point. The Review: I really wish that Kylie wasn't in this movie, because if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have watched it. The Layne Parker films I have seen are normally a lot better than this.
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