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Review brief: Cast: Monique Covet, Angelica Bright, Anita Paris, Anne Joy, C.G. Summer, Christina, Michelle Wild, Rita Fatoyano, Chris Charming, Franco Roccaforte, Leslie Taylor, Paul, Steve Holmes. Directed by Kovi. Date of Production: February 2001 (released March 2001). Running Time: ~149 minutes. Letterboxed format. Screenshots (Explicit Content) I'll resist the temptation of using this DVD's title against it. It's not the worst thing I've ever put in my DVD player by any means; it's well shot, the set-ups are imaginative, and the production values are first-rate. On the negative side, the women are the least attractive bunch I've ever seen in a Private disc; all are made up quite heavily, which adds to the harsh appearances of some. There was far too much phony grimacing and scowling during the sex (the director probably believes this is keeping in line with the disc's fetish theme; I think it's just corny, and not at all sexy). Last, and certainly not least of my irritations with this, was the damnable soundtrack.
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Boxcover for Private Black Label 13: Computerized Sex Cravings
Private Black Label 13: Computerized Sex Cravings 

Release date: 11/10/2000
Reviewed on: 1/6/2001 by topper

Starring: Genevieve, Holly, Katja Love, Amanda, Julia Taylor, Monica Moore, Silvia Bella, Anita Black
Studio: Private

Directed by: Kovi
Review brief: Computerized Sex is a take on a 'virtual sex' theme. One of the actor's sits down in front of a PC and puts on a headset and gets 'transported' into a virtual fantasy world where the 'shagging' occurs. Here's a quick rundown on the chapters...... Scene 1 2 girls and 1 guy making out on the sofa while his mate is in the other room having virtual sex with his PC. Probably the best scene on the cd, one hot blonde with specs on with a good looking brunette taking it in various positions. Good closeup's. Scene 2 Good looking blonde plays with herself while watching a porno, then the guy from scene1 walking in and gives her a good poking. Some good closeup anal action. Scene 3 2 guys 1 girl on a bed. Virtual sex guy from scene1 joins in the action. DP and anal etc with a good looking brunette. Scene 4 2 girls 1 guy on a piano!. Guy from scene 1 and 2 gives 2 blondes a good seeing to.
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Review brief: Save for a few high school language classes in French, my interest and exposure to European culture is limited to a few childhood episodes of THE BENNY HILL SHOW (which I watched mainly for the occasional glimpses of female nudity in his skits). Why go to any other country when America has hot and cold running water, automatic ice cube makers, Quarter Pounders with cheese (as opposed to "Royales" with cheese) and porn superstars from Ginger Lynn to Racquel Darrian to Tera Patrick? Well, at long last, thanks to Private Video, I have found a reason to expand my cultural tastes beyond the sacred borders of the United States.
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Boxcover for Private Movies 1: Sex Slider: Shag-A-Rama
Private Movies 1: Sex Slider: Shag-A-Rama 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 6/6/2000 by kate

Starring: David Perry, Nikki Anderson, Caroline, Cassandra Wild, Christian Christoph, Dru Berrymore
Studio: Private

Directed by: Kovi
Review brief: My first experience with Private is definitely memorable. I cant say that Sex Sliders met all my expectations for Private, but my expectations were very high. Its so refreshing to watch natural bodies and listen to genuine moaning. While the accents make deciphering the dialog difficult at times, they add to the eroticism. The anal sex is a bit overused for my tastes, but at least I can see the insertion and know whats going on. Private has definitely won me over, even though this isnt one of their most renowned movies. Plot: The plot and dialog are exactly what youd expect, banal and hilarious. Our leading characters, Caroline Cage, Dru Barrymore, David Perry, Christian Christoph, are time travelers. They go from hedonistic orgy to the land where only the rich can legally fuck. There is of course a resistance movement in the sex-controlled society, whose weapons are the pornos they produce in their lair. Between the time warp, la resistance, and the appearance of the men in black, I felt like I was watching the plots of a thousand Hollywood movies rolled into one.
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