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Review brief: Running Time: 97 min. Production Date: 7 / 31 / 2002 Director: Nicholas Steele and Kay Stanley Cast: Kate Frost, Lezley Zen, Sondra Hall, Angel Long, Ashley Long, Joelean, Lee Stone, Steven St. Croix, Steve Hatcher, and Julian Initial Expectations: Nicholas Steele has been very hit or miss for me, so Im not sure what to expect. Kate Frost and Lezley Zen do give me a bit of hope here! Initial Reaction: Its pretty, and at times it feels that heat is sacrificed for pretty. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting romantic and artistic porn Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting something with a bit of depth or substance Audio /Video Quality: The audio is often a little on the low side and frequently a bit muffled, making it hard to understand when its going beyond one syllable words that are almost entirely made up of vowels. The voice overs are also on the soft side, which had me adjusting the volume repeatedly so I wouldnt be blasted away, and quite a few areas were obviously dubbed.
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Review brief: For Adam & Eve, whose efforts are either "too artsy" or too poorly done to be enjoyable, Virgin Canvas is quite beautiful. If only the film's writing and acting were of such quality. The premise of the film is an interesting, if not unique, idea; a young female art student arrives at an elite art school, whose older director gives her an education in art and passion. This concept is blostered by the casting of porn veteran Steven St. Croix as the art director. St. Croix is no longer the stud he was a few years ago in the sex department, but he was always, in my opinion, the finest pure actor the adult industry has ever had and he has not lost any of that. Steven does a fine job with the poor material, yet what dooms the plot is the horrific acting of the star Kate Frost. There is a reason why this gorgeous blonde is in the adult industry and not in mainstream films, and it has little to do with her abilities as a sex performer. Kate is supposed to evolve in the film, from an innocent young student to a passionate artist, yet she shows no sign of such a transformation.
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Review brief: Description This feature has a lame story about a student at an art institute. General Impression The sex in this movie is okay, but not outstanding. It's a bit better if you skip to the sex, avoiding the plot, and keep the sound low. The dvd is somewhat redeemed by the bonus scenes. This is the world's strangest art institute. It's extremely upscale, and yet the easels are flimsy and cheap. All the female students are slim babes, and although the men wear what they like, the females have a uniform that includes a mini-skirt slit up the front to the crotch. Oh, yeah, and the art is just a step above stick-figures. You won't like the fake, wooden, lofty dialogue, either. Sex The first scene features Sondra Hall with Julian. He handles her fake tits before they expose each other's unfortunate tattoos. A big, nice dick, but the stupid sun tattoo above it is pretty distracting. However, when the bj is shot pov, it looks very nice, with some good eye contact. Condom RCG with no tit-jiggle.
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