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Review brief: If I don't cum I never give a DVD more than four-stars. So Spunked got the highest rating possible given the fact that, well... you know.
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Review brief: As far as parody type porn goes this one is one of the better ones, clever character names used, a great cast from Penny Flame to Katie Morgan to Eva Angelina to Hillary Scott and that's just four ladies there are several more. Nick Manning as Gashton Cootcher will have you rolling on the floor a few times if you're not careful with his quips and the most important area the sex is covered quite nicely from the blowjobs to the endings which as the title suggests has the ladies Spunk'd! A great purchase or rental here fans.
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Review brief: This is a great porn debut for Justin Kane, as well as a great porno comedy. The setups are all a lot of fun and the humor never interferes with the sex. The action is nicely captured as well as well edited with none of the scenes even getting down to the average level. The technical aspects are nicely done and there's some good care put into the extras with a very enjoyable behind the scenes featurette. If you want a good laugh along with hot sex, you need to check out this movie.
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Review brief: Here we have Spunk'd The Movie by 6969 Entertainment. I am a big fan of spoofs and I have heard some great things about this movie. Most of the time a spoof usually doesn't give the user the whole experience as the original title it is spoofing. But Spunk'd gives the viewer the complete experience. If I was flipping through the channels and caught a glimpse of this film I would swear I was watching Punkd, until we got to the sex scenes of course.
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Review brief: Spunk'd: The Movie is a spoof of the long running MTV series Punk'd, and works on every level making it a must see for any fan of feature films. The sex is hot and the cast is amazing. Films like this are few, and far between.
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Review brief: Celebrity spoof-age abounds here . 'Hairless Hilton' . The 'Holesen Twins' . & even a send-up with 'Dick & Bush W/Cumdoleezza Rice' Yikes . The sex is pretty good, the build-ups'/scene parody helps....i.e. seeing a 'Lindsay Blowhan' get boinked is kinda hot . One's enjoyment here hinges upon how much one wants to see said/above spoofed celebs get " Spunk'd" .
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