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Review brief: Starring: John Holmes, Linda Wong, Carole Hilton, Jacklin Morina, Joanne Levine, Moly Jack, Montana, Valerie Perrine, Joey Silvera, John Seaman, Alan Orkin Directed By: Sam Norvell What do Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill, and John Holmes' cock all have in common? Yes, they're bigger than life, but they're also a part of American folklore. Their legends have a knack for getting exaggerated over the course of time. One must stretch his imagination quite a bit to buy into the tall tales told in children's storybooks, however, when it comes to Johnny Wad's wad we've got history recorded on film, videotape, and now DVD. His manhood has taken on mythic proportions--deservedly so, or not--but there's no denying the late poster boy for golden age smut packed some serious wood. With their DVD release of Holmes' pimp film Stormy, I'm surprised NuTech Digital was able to fit his entire dick on just one disc. It's a shame, however, the movie contained on that disc doesn't live up to the grandeur of its star's legend.
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