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Review brief: Apparently, this is one of the best titles in Black Label collection. But it isn't, actually. Jose Maria,Ponce is a spanish well known director in his country, because he made films like Gothix (which later inspired this film), Four Sex Rooms (a parody of Four Rooms, with four porn directors) and mainly because he was the first serious porn films' director in Spain (nothing really explicit was filmed in Spain until his coming, in 1993). So Private expect more of him. In fact, he later directed another film for the Fetish Machine label. This is an explanation for those who don't know the full story. The film is good, but maybe most people were disappointed for everything. Ponce tried to make a mix between gonzo and feature film, but it tends to the first side, though the sex could be much stronger. And that's the main problem: if you make a mixture and you give more importance to one side, but at the same time you try not to make it as strong as it should (because there's a producer who says that you should make a feature, not a gonzo), then the results are bad.
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Review brief: The Fetish Garden   Pirate Fetish Machine Let's be clear about what The Fetish Garden offers. In the mode of the worst "theatre workshop" / "I'm a tree" cliché, women in patterned leotards adopt poses in the fantastical surroundings of Barcelona's Parc Guell, one of the most famous creations of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. It seems that director J.M. Ponce, with no pun intended, feels the need to bring such influences to bear on this pornographic movie. I'm sure it's not only the devout Gaudi - presently rotating at around 2000rpm in his tomb - who would protest at such a notion. And if I were to tell you that such pretentious conceits are the best thing about this movie? Well, I wouldn't be entirely honest.
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Review brief: Faust: The Power of Sex Directed by J.M. Ponce Overall Impression With all of the unbelievable talents involved like Belladonna, Sophie Evans, Rita Faltoyano, Nacho, ect, plus how good some of the screenshots looked, I figured that this had to be a solid, movie. Even after reading a two star review from possibly my most trusted reviewer aybesea. I still had to see for myself despite his obvious warning. It turns out he was 100 on the money. I guess it just goes to show how important a good director and a solid crew are for a successful feature. In my mind it just reinforces how talented directors like Adamo are. All the elements are here, for a terrific film. There is a star studded European cast, strong performances, and a seemingly huge budget. Although the picture quality is top notch on this dvd, and there are moments that are beautifully lit, there are quite a few moments when the lighting stinks. Ponce goes for mood and feel totally at the expense of the sex. The problem is the lighting is often so poor I have trouble appreciating the action.
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Review brief: Expectations Let's see... a Private Black Label disc with Sophie Evans and Rita Faltoyano! How could I not be looking forward to this one? Capsule Review This is basically a huge disappointment. New Private lensman J.M. Ponce tends to get carried away with the effects, and tries in many ways to imitate Ninn. But Ninn he is not and the final product does not have the shine and technical polish of a Ninn film. However, some of the sex is very hot and the girls are exceptional. So while I don't think of this DVD as some sort of trend setter, it has a few whackable moments. Also, the choice of story, Faust, is somewhat silly. I mean, how could one truly portray one of the classics in terms of porn? Unluckily it gets in the way of quite a few scenes. Technical Like most modern Private releases, video and lighting are excellent. Audio is dubbed. The girls and sets are outstanding. It is in anamorphic widescreen. Director J.M.
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