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Review brief: It is said that when William Burroughs wrote NAKED LUNCH he did so in chronological order. Then sat down with scissors, cut up the pages, and haphazardly rearranged them. It appears that the editor of this film has used precisely that same technique. None of the scenes here play through to their conclusions. The first two scenes intercut with one another as do the last two scenes, making this a frustrating film to watch. What in the world did they think they were doing? There are some good performers here but the way the film is hacked and hewed defeats anything they do. It is virtually impossible to get off watching it, and that is the raison dÍtre of these things, isnt it? The concept behind this chaotic jumble is of a house of masseurs who dont ply their trade on call, just in. Of course these masseurs offer more than just a back rub. Mason Walker and Chris Yeager are the first clients. Their masseurs are Drew Andrews and Doug Jeffries.
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