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Review brief: Triple X Files 11 (1998) 82 min Studio Private Director Various The Women Laura Angel, Nicol, Regina, Amanda Parker, Wanda, Jennifer Red, Silvia Silent, Monika, Karla   DVD Format Single Layer Special Features Interactive menus, chapter selection, trailers, photobook, production notes, cast profiles Pros Laura Angel Cons Regina, Nicol, Karla Raincoat Factor Medium [ /image ] --> "A voluptuous barmaid is treated to a demonstration of the skills of a group of extremely well proportioned musketeers in "All for One." A coven of witches observes a couple through their crystal ball with the intention of attracting the male and subjecting him to the perversions of the Witch's Sabbath in "Gang Witches." A nymphomaniac tries to control her libido by working out on the static bicycle, yet the pressure of the hard seat between her legs gets her so horny that she has to satiate her lust with a couple of timely voyeurs in "Riding to Heaven." While taking a stroll through the woods a young lady comes across a couple having sex, then her boyfriend turns u
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Boxcover for Amanda's Diary 3
Amanda's Diary 3 

Release date: 4/20/2002
Reviewed on: 6/1/2002 by edsa

Starring: Zenza Raggi, Sharon, Leslie Taylor, Amanda, Nick Lang, Frank Major, Csilla, Liza
Studio: Private

Directed by: John Millerman
Review brief: Amanda's Diary 3: The Secret Letters from Eva (1998) 94 min Studio Private Director John Millerman The Women Carmen, Csilla, Liza, Sharon DVD Format Single Layer Special Features Interactive menus, chapter selection, trailers, photo gallery, biographies, production notesPros Carmen  Cons Liza Raincoat FactorMedium "Don't miss the new sexual adventures of our young female students. They just love sex, and experiment with it. These are young girls who do not hesitate in "opening" their way through the business world by using their "charm". New girls, new bodies, and new tongues, capable of lifting anyone's "morale" in this issue of private's sexual diary."The Reality is that: Carmen heats up the boob-tube with her scenes and this is a definite must-see.
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Boxcover for Amanda's Diary 2
Amanda's Diary 2 

Release date: 4/11/2002
Reviewed on: 5/20/2002 by flash

Starring: Ursula Moore, Katy, John Walton, Andrew Youngman, Leslie Taylor, Amanda, Nick Lang, Nicol, Monic, Joe Lemon
Studio: Private

Directed by: John Millerman
Review brief: Amanda's Diary 2 A disc review by Flash Movie Specs: Distributor: Private A.K.A.: Amanda's Diary - Chapter 2 Run Time: One hour and 29 minutes Rated: XXX Year of Release: 2002 Director: John Millerman Written by: John Millerman Cast: Kate Moore (as Amanda), Evelyn, Mary Eleniak, Melitta, Monic, Nicol, Regina, Ursula Moore (as Ursula), Andrew Youngman, Joe Lemon, John Walton, Leslie Taylor, Nick Lang Disc Specs: Audio: 2.0 French Stereo, 2.0 English Stereo Dub, 2.0 German Stereo Dub, 2.0 Spanish Stereo Dub, 2.0 Italian Stereo Dub Subtitles: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Polish Video: Full Screen, 1.33:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: Single Sided, Single Layered Special Features: Parental Lock, Trailers, Making of, Photobook, Production Notes, Cast Profiles, Internet Activated DVD Catalog, PC Bonus, Hardcore/Softcore reversable cover Synopsis: In the continuing adventures of 18-and-horny Amanda, still as uninhibited and promiscuous as ever, continues her sexual adventures by toting along her camcorder and friends for erotic adventures. V
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Boxcover for Amanda's Diary 1
Amanda's Diary 1 

Release date: 3/29/2002
Reviewed on: 4/13/2002 by draken

Starring: Ursula Moore, Regina, John Walton, Andrew Youngman, Leslie Taylor, Amanda, Nick Lang, Nicol, Monic, Mary Eleniak, Evelyn, Melitta, Joe Lemon
Studio: Private

Directed by: John Millerman
Review brief: Amanda's Diary Studio: Private Pictures Date of Production: 01-2002 Before Viewing Expectations: The writeup tells of an 18 year old, Amanda, who gets a camera for her birthday, as well as a dildo. She films all of her escapades after that, including her sexual awakening. She shares some dildo delights with Hanna, the friend who gave it to her, as well as Hanna's boyfriend, Alex. There are four photos on the back, which only show a glimpse of the action as well as a list of the extras. It lists five audio track languages and six different subtitle languages. It is very clearly an European production, so I suspect the audio track will be a dub. The Action: Before getting to the action, there are FBI styled warning given in the native language of 26 different countries. This is followed by an ad for the Private website. While this one can be skipped, I still find these types of ads annoying. Once the movie starts, it says this is Chapter One. Chapter Two doesn't appear in this movie, so one must assume that is reserved for the sequel.
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Review brief: Stars: Bettina, Caroline Cage, Christine, Cristina Dark, Estelle, Gabriella, Julia Taylor, Melody Kord, Noemi, Silvia Saint, Sonia, Stephanie Steel, Vanda Vitus, Wanda Curtis From Private Black Label. I didn't see the first part of the film, however there is a brief recap at the beginning of the film. Somehow, this film just felt like it was put together with the parts of the first film that were left on the cutting room floor. Even though the film was well produced, looked great and the stars were hot, there was no real heat there. There are some good scenes however. The first one on Earth with the two oversexed astronauts and the two girls was enjoyable. The girls looked good, and it was fun. Then we have the two spaceships docking with a three on three in alleged no gravity. The scene is slow, a little dark, and quickly intercut with eachother so you don't get that much of wach. Saint, Curtis and Gabriella look great though. Back on Earth, there is Bettina with a guy, then Julia and another girl in the sauna.
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Boxcover for Amanda's Diary 4
Amanda's Diary 4 

Release date: 4/4/2001
Reviewed on: 12/17/2001 by amr-khawaja

Starring: Cassandra, Carmen, Monique Covet, Cassandra Wild, Sophie Evans
Studio: Private

Directed by: John Millerman
Review brief: After the seeing the first two parts of Amanda's Diary, i really wanted to look up the following three parts. Although the third part almost put me off. The fourth part, brought it all back into form. Unfortunetly Kate More is missing from this part, but instead the story centers around her close friend, Monique, (Monique Covet). There isn't much to tell about a plot as such, as it is basically our main charcters stumbling from one situation to another. But it has to be said, that Monique is an absolute blonde beauty. We star with Monique in bed on the phone to her boyfriend, urging him to come home during his break, as she was feeling quite randy. With a girlfriend looking like that, i can't say that many people would turn that offer down. The usual Private stints follow, vaginal, anal, with the usual positions, but also including a pile driver. Then we move on to her meeting her friends, yes the HOT HOT HOT Cassandra Wilde. The good lez scene that follows is also available on the extras on Private's Black Label, 'Sex Shot'.
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