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Review brief: Cowboys have long been one of the great gay fantasies, but Brokeback Mountain appears to have added a mountain of fuel to that fantasy. There are now more Bareback Mountains and films with performers pretending to be brothers of Jake and Enos than you can shake a prick at. Now it appears even the Brazilians have gotten into the act. RIDE EM COWBOY begins with four of these South American cowboys engaged in a long conversation. As my long viewing of Brazilian films have taught me the words for suck my cock and fuck me (all the Portuguese one probably needs for a trip to Rio) I havent a clue what they are talking aboutmaybe cows or sheep as they seem to have plenty of both around. (If they are going in for lengthy conversations we should have subtitles.) After a while two of the guysa chunky mature unattractive guy and a younger one in a ridiculous pair of frayed chapssaunter off, leaving the other two (who are quite cute) behind. As soon as the others have departed this remaining duo start a-kissin. Shirts come off to reveal smooth hairless torsos.
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