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Review brief: Although described as a hardcore spoof of Charlie's Angels, this is actually a very dark, almost depressing film featuring outstanding performances from some of the most talented late 70s hardcore actors. The production values and atmosphere are also very effective. A very good film for those who just can't stand modern porn.
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Review brief: Very "dark" plot including scenes of kidnapping, bondage and forced sex. The acting is fairly good although the A/V quality isn't the best (e.g. - some sex scenes substitute music for the actual sounds from the actors/actresses). This movie is famous for as lustful a lesbian scene as you will ever see. In it, Leslie Bovee eats, nay, devours Abigail Clayton's sweet, young pussy so voraciously, it borders on cannibalism. The camerawork is terrific as Abigail appears to gasp while Bovee firmly holds onto her squirming, orgasming body - feverishly sucking and tongue-lashing the pretty young actress' spasming pussy with all of her sexual energy until it actually seems that Clayton can take no more (this is one scene where the actual moans, groans and lip-smacking from the actresses would have added to the already volcanic nature of the action).
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Review brief: Length: 84:20 Year: 1977 The Caballero dvd of A Coming Of Angels is presented in full-screen which doesnt appear to be correct because during the ending credits the names are cut off on the left and right of the screen, but during the rest of the movie you dont notice anything really being cut off. Unlike earlier Caballero dvds this one is on one track so you dont have those layer changes that cause the pauses, such as on Amanda By Night. The story to this movie is that Mark (Jamie Gillis) is an evil kidnapper who sells the women he kidnaps to various buyers. Before he does this though he and his evil sidekicks train the women how to be sexually submissive. This movie was meant to be a take off of Charlies Angels, with Carrie (Annette Haven), Jennifer (Abigail Clayton), and Robin (Leslie Bovee) playing the angels. Jennifer has been kidnapped by Mark and his gang and so the other two angels are out to find her and that is the basic plot to the movie. Robert (John Leslie) has a serious problem throughout the movie.
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