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Review brief: Paige Shagwell, P.I.: Lust At Sea (2001) Studio Pleasure Genre Low budget feature Director Jim Gunn Starring Paige Shagwell, Audree, Kendall Jackson, Lita Chase, Kelly Winters, Millena, Jessica Ryder, Joe Shagwell, Jake Ryder, Scott, and  Manuel Running Time 1:50 DVD Format Single Sided, Single Layer Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 (full frame) Special Features Animated and full motion video main menu; FMV chapter selection menu; 40-picture photo gallery Typical Watchers Jim Gunn fans or anyone who likes to see dancers do hardcore Typical Haters Those who want decent plots, acting, real female orgasms, or harder sex Replay Value Low Themes Vaginal sex, cucumber sex, interracial, tattoos, fake boobs, girl-girl, toys, facials, girl-girl kissing, dirty talk If You Liked This DVD, You Should Enjoy Any video directed by Jim Gunn    With all of the emphasis on higher quality and harder porn these days, we tend to forget that the staple of the adult movie, the one-day wonder, used to be the norm.  They had bad acting, silly plots, and a lot of vanilla sex -- som
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Review brief: What did I think of this DVD? Well, let me break it down for you like this: Disturbing Themes- Bad boob jobs and or tattoos and piercings. Facials Horrible acting, weak scripting (if youre gonna do it, do it right) What plot? Its so hard to follow I had to read the DVD cover to figure out what the story was supposed to be. Passionless sex and lipstick lesbians Cock sucking 3 times longer than any clit licking in M/F scenes. Only 1 penetration shot Pathetic Extras- DVD cover lists Star Biographies. There is one biography (if you wanna call it that) on Paige. Its one whopping sentence long and tells you nothing ore than she is a stable gal with cute face, nice tits etc..oh and of course you can also see her in... The cover also lists a Photo Gallery. Didnt see one of these. Did they mean the slideshow perhaps? Chapter Selection- Well there is a chapter selection option, but it only lists the first 5 scenes and the DVD has 6. But theres plenty of advertising- Heres our website, and you can call our phone sex line, oh and we also have these DVDs available.
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Review brief: Running Time: 109 min. Production Date: 08 / 2000 Director: Jim Gunn Cast: Paige Shagwell, Audree, Kendall Jackson, Lita Chase, Milena, Kelly Winters, Jessica Ryder, Jake Ryder, Scott, Manuel, and Joe Shagwell Initial Expectations: Outside of having some great taste in music, Jim Gunn can make some fun pornos. Im hoping this is one of them. Initial Reaction: Its kind of fun but nothing too special. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes long scenes and who doesnt care for anal sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes quick scenes, nasty sex, or a well done plot Audio /Video Quality: The audio varies a little depending on the location but is normally balanced fairly well. The inside scenes sound pretty good and are nicely balanced. The outside scenes vary, with some of them having quite a bit of wind noise and other distractions. The scenes on the boat lie somewhere in between, and even change in quality depending on the camera angle.
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Review brief: Running Time: 109 min. Production Date: 08 / 2000 Director: Jim Gunn Cast: Paige Shagwell, Gina Lynn, Azrael Archer, Mariah Myst, Jessica Ryder, Joe Shagwell, Angelo, and Travis Initial Expectations: This sounds like a fun feature, which Jim Gunn can do well. Initial Reaction: Its pretty average. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes a lot of light plot and long scenes or who doesnt like anal sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnt like fast forward fodder or who wants really hardcore sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear and nicely balanced. The video is pretty good, but does have some grain and inconsistent lighting. Music: The music is pretty standard porn music. It starts out nicely balanced with the rest of the audio but gets louder later in the feature. Menus: The main menu has some animation and clips from the movie worked in that give the DVD a kind of fun feel from the start.
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