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Review brief: Please enter your review here. Talk Dirty To Me # 10 Dreamland Date of Production- 2/23/96 My friend and I actually stole the VHS version of Talk Dirty 10 from his Uncle back in 1997 and it turned out to be one of the best porno's I've seen. I finally got a chance to get it back on DVD. The plot is about Steve Drake who come's back into town after being in some serious trouble for fucking girls who's father's wanted no part of. Steve comes back into town and his mission seems to be to fuck as much girls as possible. Scene 1- Missy, who's happily married is called by Steve Drake to come pick him up at the Train Station. Missy arrives and takes Steve back home to her place. After Steve takes a shower he tries to seduce Missy but Missy refuses by saying she doesn't want Steve back in her life. Steve says all he could think about on the train ride was her and she finally gives in.
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Review brief: Running Time: 1:22 Writer & Director: Jerry Ross Cast: Kylie Ireland & Steve Drake (also the producer) with Missy, Nici Sterling, Lovette, Nico Treasures, Tracy Love, Vince Vouyer, and Peter North Extras: Audio Commentary by Steve Drake Audio / Visual Quality: Pretty dang good. The movie was made in 1994, and is not grainy. The sound matches the video very well. The sex scene camera work is also quite good. There aren't an over abundance of beaver - cam shots, and the sex scenes are normally quite well filmed. The other camera work is average at best, but I'll get into that later. The Plot: Not much. Review: "I hate you Jack, but I can hate you in the bedroom" Missy tells Steve Drake late in the movie. That's kind of how the entire movie goes. Steve Drake plays Jack, a guy who is only concerned with sex. Apparently that's what made him have to leave town. We start with Jack returning to town on a freight train and calling Missy for a ride. I started disliking the movie about half way through the car ride home.
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