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Review brief: THE TRAVELING JOURNEYMEN (or as its known in France, LE DESIR EN BALLADE) is one of the finest films to come from director Jean Daniel Cadinot. That is to sayits one of the finest gay porn films ever made. Discovering his younger brother having sex with the farmhands, an older brother brutally rapes his younger sibling. No wonder then that the brother runs off with a handsome black stud that happens to be journeying by. Their sexual adventures follow until the brother left behind gets lonely. You know what they say, The family that fucks together should stay together. The performers range from handsome to sexy. Many have shaved pubes. Unlike our American porn, Cadinots sex scenes are many and are not prolonged. They are brief and to the point. Sometimesshould you drop the lubeyou might miss one altogether so I will not dwell on describing them. They are, however, sizzling. And theyre all bareback. Cadinot is one of my all-time favorite directors. This one is a perfect introduction to his films if you do not know them. It's an absolute must-own.
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Review brief: If youre not familiar with Jean-Daniel Cadinot then you dont know what youre missing! Street Boyz features ten French boys and ten sex scenes in just under 2 hours, that's a lot of fucking and sucking! The sex's quick and some of the action scenes are edited a bit choppy but theres no fooling around here! They get right to the action! The boys are all young, uncut with slender bodies but with dicks to die for! They grow them big in France! It begins with Russian tourist Youri Sakarine hitches a ride to Paris with Claude Menard. The foreplay begins in the car, but when they get back to Claudes apartment it's off with the clothes! Lots of sucking, fucking and 69-ing, with Youri shooting a massive hot load of cum! Wow! On leave, Guilhem Thomas is walking along when he takes a break on a park bench. Antoine Mory, who is an undercover policeman stops and propositions him. Antoine is really hung like a horse and they suck and fuck on a park bench, and Guilhem rides Antoines huge cock and jerks off while hes doing it.
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