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Review brief: The mischievous, barbarian chieftan, Randy Spears, and his hell-raising horde will stop at nothing to rend a powerful, magical crystal from the hands of its rightful owners in "The New Barbarian", a very good, 1990 release from VCA and Henri Pachard. With its inexplicable ability to bring about time-travel, this sexually-fueled gem is certainly a prize worth seeking...and, for Victoria Paris and her peaceful people, a prize worth protecting. A blend of sex and (mild) violence ensues, as the two groups wrestle for control of the piece. Harking back to the days of the old barbarian films of the 1980s while concomitantly mixing in that same era's pornographic charm, this one is most certainly rife with nostalgic value. The sex is also steamy...again, in that 80s style...and seeing Victoria Paris sex it up in her prime is always a welcomed occurrence. For the right crowd--fans of 80s fantasy, porno nostalgia, Victoria Paris, and / or quirky features--this one is worthy.
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Review brief: "Showdown" is a mid-80s, western-themed production from director Henri Pachard and Caballero that, despite many promising moments, never really follows through strongly enough to be worthwhile.
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Review brief: The distinction between reality and fantasy becomes a blur for Alicia Monet, as her work as a scriptwriter uncovers a real-life 1930s murder mystery in “Once Upon a Temptress”. A classic adult film from Caballero and Henri Pachard, this sexy little fuck-flick features Monet as a writer who’s been tasked with producing a script for a film about the lecherous grandfather of her former flame, producer John Leslie.
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Review brief: VCX has re-released GRIND! (1988, Cal vista) as part of its Cal Vista classic series of DVDs which debuted in 2008.
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Review brief: SAMANTHA AND THE DEEP THROAT GIRLS (1988, Cal Vista) has been re-released by VCX as part of their Cal vista classics DVD series, which debuted in 2008.
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Review brief: Cast: Veronica Hart, Juliet Anderson, Marlene Willoughby, Merle Michaels, Jody Maxwell, Samantha Fox, John Leslie, Richard Bolla, Bobby Astyr, Ron Hudd and Joey Silvera and in sex roles; Jolet Kodet, Candida Royalle, Erica Eaton, Elyse Alexander, Cami Graham, Josh Andrews, Al Greenbach, Henri Pachard and several others in nonsex roles. Director and writer: Henri Pachard Production date: ©1981 Length: 83 min. Extras: A slide show with 20 stills and a catalog list of classic VCA titles. Audio/visual quality: The quality of print is excellent, with a minimum of speckles and other defects. The lighting tends to be a bit low, but in a way that's flattering to the performers. The mix of camera angles is good. Shadows partially obscure some of the action, though not to the point that it bothers me. The penetration footage is briefer and generally less explicit than is common nowadays; it holds up well, however, when compared to other movies of the day. Two of the five scenes contain sex sounds only.
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Boxcover for Sexcapades (VCA)
Sexcapades (VCA) 

Release date: 4/25/2000
Reviewed on: 12/29/2002 by lindi

Starring: Sharon Kane, Mai Lin, Sharon Mitchell, Joanna Storm, Tiffany Clark, Lee Caroll, Eric Edwards
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Henri Pachard
Review brief: Synopsis This 1983 Henri Pachard classic is a wholesome romp. Raincoaters can pass it by unless they are just in the mood for a little fun. The quirky humor, goofy music, and nostalgic feel of Sexcapades may please people who enjoy the feel of Pink Panther movies. The plot involves a director attempting to make a porn film. Scene 1 Joanna Storm and Alan Adrian perform a fumbling audition for two bored porn producers. Her earnest but misdirected enthusiasm is a real hoot. At one point she stops the sex to put socks under her knees to prevent rug-burn. Peter Meter = zero Scene 2 Sharon Mitchell plays a sexually clueless wife in a fluffy, unsexy nightie. Her alternately prudish and giggling responses to husband Eric Edwards will leave you feeling smug. She throws in a few moans for his inexpert cunnilingus. Peter Meter = zero Scene 3 Cartoonish music accompanies this goofy sex scene between Ashley Wells and Michael Bruce.
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Review brief: Running Time: 83 min. Production Date: 1981 Director: Henri Pachard Cast: Ve ronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Marlene Willoughby, Merle Michaels, John Leslie, Juliet Anderson, Jody Maxwell, Richard Bolla, Joey Silvera, and Bobby Astyr in sexual roles and Bobbie Burns, Elyse Alexander, Erica Eaton, Candide Royalle, Adam DeHaven, Al Greenback, Craig Anderson, Kurt Mann, Mike Feline and many others in non-sex roles Initial Expectations: I have pretty high expectations for Outlaw Ladies since its been nominated for Best Classic Release on DVD by AVN and from reading reviewers review. Initial Reaction: Its a fun movie with hot sex. I can see why it was Hustlers best film of the year in 1981. Who Should Watch It : Fans of classic porn, real women, and fun sex Who Should Avoid It: Fans of more extreme sex Audio /Video Quality: For being twenty years old, Outlaw Ladies looks and sounds very good. The audio is normally clear and well balanced, although there are a few minor problems in a few places.
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Review brief: DMJ II goes beyond the colorfully erotic and enters the realm of exquisite filmmaking. What a wonderful movie funny, romantic, clever yes, Im talking about a porno here. Plot, sex, acting, scenery DMJ II succeeds on all counts. In how many movies do you get to watch Mary Antoinette and Cleopatra suck off the Devils Advocate? Or Cyrano de Bergerac give Georgina Spelvin the first orgasm in hell with his nose?The film opens with an erotic yet humorous seduction. Georgina Spelvin (Justine Jones), ever the siren, crawls toward Cyrano (whose nose is conveniently shaped like a penis) begging to mount him. As she writhes her way to ultimate pleasure Hells orgasm alert starts blaring (the no orgasm in hell rule has just been officiated.) Miss Jones is pulled off Cyranos face and dragged through the erotic bowels of Hell to meet with the man himself, Satan.
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