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Boxcover for Bangkok Boobarella
Bangkok Boobarella 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 2/27/2001 by evil_rip

Starring: Asia Carrera, Kia, Suzi Suzuki, Minka, Kellei
Studio: Big Top

Directed by: Graham, John
Review brief: Bangkok Boobarella Studio: Big Top Starring Female: Asia Carrera, Suzi Suzuki, Kellei, Kia, Minka Looks: Great looking Asian women. First Impression: Beautiful Asian women. Hey this was voted Best Asian movie of the year. It is also supposed to a great Big Titty movie! Oh how sad I was duped by this. Likes: Cute Asian Girls. Dislikes: This DVD. Not even Asias scenes can save this DVD. Talk about crap. Crappy story. Crappy dialogue. Boring Action. Jittery DVD. Bad Video Quality The Echo Audio effect It is like I see them talking but they dont say anything till their echoes show up. Review: Oh man was this a terrible DVD. It claims to be the best Asian movie of its year. If it really is the best Asian movie for the year it was released then those other movies must have sucked worse then used enema pipes. First off the plot was terrible, hey what was I expecting its a porno. So this guy is looking for an Asian woman with huge breasts to fill this big oversized bra he's found. He puts an ad out it the paper.
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