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Review brief: I actually purchased "Insatiable" more for the content of the extras (the commentary tracks, although unfortunately it turned out the one with Marilyn Chambers is not featured on this DVD release) than the feature itself although it was certainly an acceptable film with plot, acting, technically well done (like most films of the Golden Age), although I was a bit disappointed with the sole commentary tracks by Gloria Leonard (who does not appear in the film).
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Review brief: A young model and heiress finds herself incapable of taming her unquenchable and endless sexual appetite in "Insatiable", an exceptional, 1980 release from director Godfrey Daniels. Showcasing none other than the original adult film industry legend herself, Ms. Marilyn Chambers (RIP), this film bounces from sequence to sequence demonstrating her nymphomaniacal tendencies in full force...and the result is smokin' hot.
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Review brief: A true classic, and possibly the best porn movie ever made, gets a first-class transfer onto DVD. Besides being erotic, beautifully shot and edited, you get a quality video transfer, clean sound, many chapters, and real special extras: two audio commentary tracks, plus an interview and an original trailer. This is the single best Porn DVD I've seen, and I'm not even a big Marilyn Chambers fan.
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Review brief: Insatiable (1980) Studio: i-Candy/Miracle Films Directed by: Godfrey Daniels Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Jesie St. James, Serena, John C. Holmes, John Leslie, David Morris, Mike Ranger, and Richard Pacheco Running Time: 1:17 Format: Single Sided, Single Layer DVD Features: Animated menus, full motion video chapter selection menu, detailed biographies of the stars, plot synopsis, trivia game, over 50 production photographs, easter egg with 10 hidden photos, trailers for Nurses of the 407th and Up 'N Coming, and audio commentary track by former star Gloria Leonard The First Word: Insatiable is perhaps the best adult film of all time, starring the widely acknowledged top female star of all time, and, incidentally, was the very first X-rated movie that I ever watched. Plot Synopsis: Sandra Chase (Marilyn Chambers) is a famous actress and model who lives a glamorous lifestyle thanks to her stardom and the fortune she inherited from her parents when they were killed in an accident. She has it all: fame, money, and a leading role in a new movie.
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Review brief: Wow. Insatiable is the first classic porno Ive seen and it truly is classic. After watching this movie beginning to end (a porno rarity) I felt compelled to tell all of you how phenomenal it is. The increasing intensity portrayed so well by Marilyn Chambers mirrors the increasing intensity of a fist gripping, teeth clenching, heart pounding roll in the hay. The plot and the sex intermingle like a sensual story rather than a series of action sequences. Insatiable is more than a porno -its a finely constructed, very erotic movie (not to mention the groovin soundtrack.)The initial sex scenes arent even really sex scenes -lots pleasing and teasing, no cum shots. Marilyn does a lot of masturbating while fantasizing which grows increasingly passionate as the film progresses (culminating in an unbelievable scene with John Holmes -seeing him in action gives porn a whole new meaning.)The DVD quality is excellent. You can tell it is an old film by speckles here and there. But the image and the sound are both crisp. The audio commentary is interesting as are the bio and stills of Marilyn.
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