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Review brief: This film was basically an advertisement for Fred Halsted's and his club both of which are now defunct. It consists of various get-togethers in a place that looks rather dreary and uninviting. For example we have cute mop-haired Greg Dale blowing the mature Halsted whose dick is shoved through a slot in a clear plastic curtain (Yawn!) along with other encounters which can barely be seen due to dim lighting. As none are uplifting perhaps they were better filmed this way. The only famous performer is J. W. King. In his scene that is blurred with red light and almost impossible to see, J. W. King is lounging in the hall and is picked up by an average Joe. J. W. sucks the guys cock and fucks him. There is dubbed sound that along with the piss-poor lighting keeps us from getting into the scene. After J. W. cums, he reinserts his cock into the guys ass. A rather disturbing bit of business since J. W. was one of the early victims of A.I.D.S . (So was this guy too, I guess.) As a film it sucks. As a commercial for his club I can't belive it would encourage anyone to attend.
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