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Review brief: RATING SUMMARY: in regard to the performers and their appearances, no one's looks or actions should detract from a scene. i don't expect a/v quality to be flawless, however everything should be clearly visible and audible. the dvd should have some extra content worth watching more than once. (needs more than trailers and photo gallery.) there is no plot or acting whatsoever in this movie. (i usually don't view those.) the "what its worth" amount is an approximate retail price. THE FEATURE: sweet cheeks 2, directed by erik everhard. erik appears in numerous movies as a performer. this is one of the first movies he directs. considering the title "sweet cheeks," and the descriptions on the back cover, i am expecting to find alot focus on the girl's butts and a good amount of anal sex. SCENE 1: venus with erik everhard. solo introduction. venus has longer blond hair, is kneeling, taking a bubble bath and is wearing nothing. out of the tub, venus is now wearing a body stocking with high heels.
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Boxcover for Sweet Cheeks 3
Sweet Cheeks 3 

Release date: 8/15/2003
Reviewed on: 8/24/2003 by goldmember

Starring: John Strong, Emily, Mercedes, Erik Everhard, Cherokee, Sophie Evans, Caprice, Sweet Nicky, Mark Ashley
Studio: Anabolic

Directed by: Erik Everhard
Review brief: Sweet Cheeks #3 Directed by Erik Everhard Overall Impression I'm of two minds on this one. If your thing is straight up no frills gonzo porn then there is no reason you shouldn't love this title. This edition is a solid piece porn with a heavy focus on "cheeks". Good porn is good porn, but great porn requires more than the no frills aproach. I absolutely hate to say this, but the "Sweet Cheeks" series is starting to feel like a poor man's "Ass Worship". Jules Jordan has raised the bar for gonzo porn as far as I'm concerned. I think Anabolic/Diabolic in particular needs to step up their overall level of quality and production values. Even the fricken boxcover is clearly from the same photoshot as "Lewd Conduct #15". The sets look like cheap motels, you can even see the lighting equipment in some shots, which is kind of surprising because sometimes you wonder if there is any lighting given the quality of image.
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Review brief: Sweet Cheeks #2 Directed by Erik Everhard Overall Impression I was impressed with the first Sweet Cheeks, so I had high hopes for this one. This anal themed series looks like it could fast become a raincoater's favorite. This is a solid solid DVD four of the six scenes and are great. I do have some small complaints, or perhaps I should call them personal preferences. Production Values! Sure it meets the beats the usual no frills gonzo production standard, but it is a far far cry from the attention to detail that say Jules Jordan, puts into his productions. (i.e. outfits, hair&maeup, lighting, sets, ect.) Just a little more effort in this department could pay huge dividends. Personally the action is a little on the rough side for my tastes. I respect Everhard's talent as a performer, but often it seems he only has one speed setting, JACKHAMMER! I appreciate good tease footage, especially good ass tease footage and this film certainly has some. However I'm not convinced that it is presented in the most effective way.
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Review brief: Expectations I have had mixed results with Anabolic movies in the past. It's not that I don't like their ideas, they are usually great! It's not that I don't like the technical aspects, they are usually bare boned, but fine. It's not that I don't like their girls, they are usually very nice as well. It's that Anabolic has a way of not bothering to make sure that their girls look their best in the scenes, which is really too bad. However, this title comes to me with a recommendation from Gold_Member, and those recommendations I take very seriously! Capsule Review Yahoo! This is an excellent flic with incredible ass worship. The girls are hot and the scenes are great. Congratulations Anabolic! I hereby confer aybesea's Whackmeister Seal Of Approval upon this movie! Technical The technical aspects of this disc are very nice. The video is clear and the audio is crisp. Director Erik Everhard Extras Photo gallery, cum-shot recap and trailers.
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