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Review brief: China Girl is a great feature film to have come from the 1970s featuring a fun plot, nice sex scenes, and good acting. Fans of plotted feature films should find a lot to like here. Sadly this release from TVX Home Video is sad and will disappoint fans of the film.
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Review brief: When trying to examine a classic hardcore film, one must take several things into consideration: 1) The acting/plot might not be as good or coherent as one might like, and what is usually left is akin to grade B Hollywood fare. 2) There will probably be too much sex and it will take away from the story. 3) The production values won't always be top notch. Well China Girl is one of those rare films that truly does work "both ways" so to speak. In one sense, it is a sex filled hardcore romp and on the other hand, a rather mild B-movie style spy yarn. Featuring the beautiful Annette Haven in her first major starring role, China Girl revolves around a silly storyline of a secret government science project to create a drug which makes people have to tell everything they know about some prompted topic, sort of like truth serum, I guess. Sound confusing? To be honest, the exact purpose of this drug is never made clear so forgive me.
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Review brief: Irresisitible has been released in two different versions, the original discontinued DVD-R version and the current DVD-5 version.  To read the review for the original DVD-R version, click here and the read the review of the current DVD-5 version, continue on.  As for telling the difference between the two, there is no way to, the sku numbers for both releases is the same as with the packaging on the alpha case and the outside cover and back art have stayed the same.
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