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Boxcover for Panty World 12
Panty World 12 

Release date: 9/14/2000
Reviewed on: 9/19/2008 by hold-on-loosely

Starring: Rod Fontana, Elle Devyne, Melanie Stone, Jack Hammer, Wendi Knight, John West, Nicole, Jayne, Azalea, Jami Dion
Studio: Dane

Directed by: Don Marque
Review brief: I've always been a big fan of Dane Productions. They have some very good DVDs on the market. This one however, falls short of my expectations. The camera-work has its flaws and the editing can be choppy. Some of the scenes are poorly lighted, but that may appeal to certain viewers. Although I find it lacking, you may see it differently. If you can find this DVD in the five to ten dollar price range, I would recommend picking it up.
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Review brief: Nineteen # 28 - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 1/2/00 First time I ever seen this series, but what I seen is pretty damn good. Kinda corny set up for the scenes, but that ok when the girls are pretty damn hot. CHAPTER 1: Mariah Wind redhead on the cover 0:05:59 Well I guess the story is the director dreaming about when he was young and doing porno around a pool. He fires the male porn star, and he has to be in the scene now himself. I think he just wanted to get it on with this very hot young redhead, and she is hot. He goes threw the motions of getting it on with her, but he yells off orders to his bumbling camera staff too. Sounds annoying, but its done pretty funny. Mariah obviously dosent need direction cause she gives a good sloppy head and like to be fucked. Pretty damn funny when the director spots a guy picking his nose in the back ground and tells him go do that somewhere else. He never stops giving it to the girl and she is into it.
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Review brief: Running Time: 88 min. Director: Don Marque Cast: Kurious, Vivian Valentine, Selena Del Ray, Julie West, Herschel Savage, Roy L. Shaft, and Jeremy Irons Extras: Trailers and Photo Gallery Audio Quality: Average. Some parts are pretty good, others show signs of echoing. Video Quality: Excellent. One of the clearest pictures I've seen in adult films. Music: Pretty average. There are a few spots where it doesn't seem to really fit, but overall it isn't too bad. It also balances fairly well in most of the movie. Initial Expectations: Nineteen College Girls #28 was a lot better than what I would have expected it to be, so I was expecting another really fun porno with really good looking young girls and not much plot. Initial Reaction: Slight disappointment. Review: Perhaps my expectations were raised too high for 'Nineteen College Girls Vol. 25' after watching 'Nineteen College Girls Vol. 28' a few weeks ago. Like the rest of the series, 'Nineteen College Girls Vol.
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Review brief: Running Time: 86 min. Written and Directed by Don Marque Cast: Mariah Wind, Simon Templer, Jezaree, Robbie James, Julie Meadows, Roy L. Shaft, Jayne, and Juliana Sterling Extras: Photo Gallery and Trailers. The only thing slightly different is that the photo gallery has a few photos that weren't from the movie. Audio / Video Quality: Very good. Luckily, this seems to be the average for adult films lately. This is no exception. The audio and video also synch very well. The Plots: The Adventures of Young Jim Powers 2: Jim Powers relates his second porno shoot (he would have done his first, but that involved his old sister, so that was out). The male talent was mouthing off, so Jim fired him and then had to take his place when none of the middle aged, overweight guys on the crew would take the place of the male talent. The Computer: Robbie needs a computer for work, but his father won't buy him one. On his way to try to find a job he finds a computer laying in the garbage.
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Review brief: Overall, I found this disc to be a bit distrubing. There are four mini plots within, which have no connection to each other. Each one touches on a subject that is either taboo or borderline taboo depending on how one sees the scene.The disc starts off with a feature called "The Cartel". First we see text which describes the scene, much like the opening of the Star Wars films. I had a bit of trouble reading it as is flew by on the screen quite fast. There is also a fair amount to read, so expect to rewind a bit and try again. That or figure a leadin to a porno isn't necessary and not to worry about it. The scene opens with two drug dealers trying to agree on a price for a drug shipment. Unable to agree on a price, one of the guys brings in a 19 year old to aid in the dealings. She is told this is for a business deal and to do her job. Sounds a bit like prostitution to me. The acting in this scene seems a bit forced and unconvincing. I also had a hard time believing she is 19.
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Review brief: Title: Nineteen College Girls #26 Studio: Digital Sin DVD Production Date: 5/1999 Director: Don Marque Length: 1 hour 26 minutes Talent: Allison Kilgore, Summer Daye, Naughtia Childs, and Teri Starr Scene 1: Allison Kilgore and a guy "Cartel" (July 1979) From the title of this vignette, the plot is about transporting cocaine. The two men discuss how much they will charge for their product. Fabio gets insulted by the fat man's demand to the business deal. The fat guy beckons upon Allison to "persuade" Fabio to come onto their side. She agrees to have sex with Fabio and soon afterwards gives him a striptease. Allison is still wearing her plaid skirt when she practices her oral skills on him. Allison is a cute blonde with natural, big, and saggy breasts. In order to get to her pussy, Fabio has to take off her plaid skirt. After this, he goes down on her and munches on her lovebox. After some lengthy munching, he fucks her pussy. She moans while she gets fucked. Next, he fucks her reverse cowgirl style as one sees her huge areolas.
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