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Review brief: This would be an okay compilation if it was presented as such rather than being presented as a fresh release. The action hovers around the average mark and has some nice chemistry, but the overall release is held back by D. Lynch and Juicy Entertainment's usual dishonesty presenting compilations as fresh releases. This is a rental at best.
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Review brief: This is a great box set for interracial sex fans that gets all the better when you consider the price. You get four movies lasting over eight hours with plenty of interracial sex and great talent like Katja Kassin, Venus, Melissa Lauren, and and Tiana Lynn. The technical aspects vary a bit but are normally pretty good and there's some decent effort put into the extras on each DVD. This is a box set worth picking up if you don't already have these movies.
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Boxcover for Flirt N' Squirt 1
Flirt N' Squirt 1 

Release date: 3/3/2007
Reviewed on: 2/24/2008 by endorphin

Starring: Cassie Young, Cytherea, Angela Stone, Roxetta, Jenna Presley
Studio: Corrupted Pictures

Directed by: Dick Logan
Review brief: Flirt N Sqirt includes five squirters not captured in their best light.
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Review brief: Flirt N Squirt #2 is a gonzo title from Corrupted Pictures directed by Dick Logan. The title stars Flower Tucci, Ariana Jollee, Georgia Peach, Nikki Nievez and Leah Luv. Per the title, the emphasis is on the wonderful phenomenon of female squirting.
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Review brief: 5 scenes of 5 girls 'squirting', either via fingering, or fucking. Stand-out cast includes Ariana Jollee, juicy Georgia Peach, and 'squirt' legend, Flower Tucci.
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Review brief: A quick and dirty review, I just wanted to see ADT reviewer Bono-One's first scene. You know... so I can make fun of him. Anyway, I skipped to the last scene where Bono takes his wife, Melissa Lauren, to a blind Lee Diamond for some harmonica lessons. Ahhh the subtle acting where Bono reveals Melissa boobs and starts fondling them right in front of Lee thinking that Lee can't see him. Bono has this big smile and I can't stop snickering at the depravity Melissa has been subjected to. For a girl that's been slapped, choked, beaten, and slugged Louisville style, this scene must be the lowest. No wonder she cheats on him with the not-so-blind Lee. As to the scene itself, Melissa's peroxide hair and pale skin provides a nice contrast to Lee's dark skin and she takes an anal pounding. In a movie of cheating housewives, scene 1 has Katja's husband wanting Katja to work out her ass because it's too big. Ironically, he found her a personal trainer in the name of Sledgehammer. Sledge only works Katja out anally around a gym setup.
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Review brief: Movie Title Running Time: 120 min. Est Production Date: Oct-Nov. 2004 The Pocketcomb Premise 95 of the time, I see a title before I read a review. In this case I read the reviews 1st. #1, I was so wrapped up in Poppy that I couldnt wait to see what others had to say about her. #2, at the time of release, I wasnt sure if I was going to find this title locally. #3, with a title like White Wife, Black Cock, you know I was going to read up. The reviews werent all that flattering. I pretty much got an average review across the board, but lets face it, anything thats average is less than average by my standards. Compared to the last Smash release I saw, the menus and its selections are much improved. I will tip my hat to Brandon Iron at PXP for opening up dialogue about what porn fans want in menus. Without showing my hand for my next review Ill just say that Van Styles and Smash have stepped up the menu game. Katja Kassin [ /image ] --> If I havent said it before, Im saying it now.
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Review brief: Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" #61 [ /image ] --> The Inside View with Selena Silver - January 19, 2005 The Inside View is published once weekly by porn actress Selena Silver.  Each week, Selena brings you an inside look at a movie good enough to be  deemed a Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" with the goal of adding the perspective of someone who has worked with the studio, director, or stars of the movie.    "White Wife Black Cock #4" a Production from Smash Pictures White Wife Black Cock #4:  "At a Glance" [ /image ] -->  Overall Rating: 4.0 Director Dick Logan Studio: Smash Pictures Cast: Katja Kassin, Melissa Lauren, Yazmene Milan, Nicole Brazzle, Poppy Morgan, Billy Banks, Sledge Hammer, Nat Turner, Lee Diamond Release Date: 13th January, 2005 Total Run Time: 2hrs 30mins Total Scenes: 5 Scenes Fetish Summary: [NO CONDOMS/SHOES ON/OFF] - Interracial, Kissing, Spitting, Toe Sucking, Hair Pulling, Pussy Licking, BJ, Deep Throat, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Anal Sex, ATM, Gapes, ATM,  Facial, Cum Swallowing  Front Cover White Wife Black Cock #4: Sele
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 121 min. Production Date: 10 / 29 / 2004, 11 / 2 / 2004, 11 / 8 / 2004 Director: Dick Logan Cast: Katja Kassin, Melissa Lauren, Tazmene Milan, Nicole Brazzle, Poppy Morgan, SledgeHammer, Nat Turner, Billy Banks, and Lee Diamond in sexual roles and a bunch of clueless guys in non-sex roles, including Adult DVD Talks own Bono-ONE The Short Story Initial Expectations: With this line-up of ADTers (including Katja, Melissa, Poppy, and even Adult DVD Talks own Bono), I cant help but go in with a lot of hope! Initial Reaction: I think its my favorite episode in the series. Who Should Watch It : Interracial sex fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting more than just interracial couples or anybody who doesnt like anal The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didnt notice any background noises. The video is also nicely done. Theres just a hint of grain and its nicely lit.
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Review brief: Well here we have a unique dvd for me to review as I actually appear in one scene, in a non-sex role as I don't think the porn world is ready for Little Bono to make his debut!! The premise to this series is pretty simple, a limited set up designed to get the husband, that would be my role, out of the way so the wife can get some big black cock thrust into her mouth, pussy, and ass! So let's jump right in and I'll try and be nice writing about myself,hehe. Katja Kassin: Up first we have the ultra hot Katja who has one amazing ass as her calling card. I like when you click on a girl's name in the menu you get her name obviously but also the guys name along with word descriptions of some of the sex acts which are included. So are you ready for Katja! The scene starts with Katja driving up with her husband and it seems Katja is here to get a little exercise. The hubby thinks her ass is to big, what an idiot it's perfect!! Well you see Sledgehammer standing in the doorway and it will be his job to give Katja a good workout. The two lovebirds have words then she gets out.
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