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Review brief: Clown Porn The Parody is one of the most bizarre but hilarious movies of the year, it's a comedic look at the inside of the porn industry in a brand new colorful way. Yes it's clowns, and yes they are having sex. but it's more about the comedic aspect and absurdness of the concept and film in it at a whole. Definitely one of the most original movies you'll ever see. the movie goes through various genres within the adult industry and mocks them in every way shape and form. AN INSTANT CULT CLASSIC
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Review brief: "Saw: A Hardcore Parody" is a very good production from Dick Chibbles that, obviously, parodies the popular mainstream film franchise of the same name. In purchasing this one, I was a bit concerned as to how one would turn a horror series like this into an erotic film. Fortunately for the viewer, this was generally done quite well. The plot is well-developed, with an evil character--much like the one in the "real" films--terrorizing people by putting them in life-or-death situations with diabolical contraptions and then forcing them to make painful decisions. The twist here--other than the sex--is that the entire storyline revolves around the villain targeting adult film industry professionals for their perceived transgressions. The settings are quite realistic and fit well with the plot, and the acting is generally solid. So...what more could one want from such a production? Oh...that's sex. In that department, the bulk of the scenes deliver, too.
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