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Boxcover for No Boys Allowed (VCA)
No Boys Allowed (VCA) 

Release date: 1/31/2002
Reviewed on: 12/22/2003 by deckard

Starring: Patricia Kennedy, Racquel Darrian, Jacqueline, Madison, Silver
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Derrick Lane
Review brief: This is one of Racquel Darrian early all-girl films. This is a pretty low budget affair, despite having both Racquel and Savannah (using the name 'Silver' in this film) in it. No Boys Allowed is pretty low budget stuff. One scene is filmed in an open garage. The lighting is poor. Nevertheless, there's some OK sex that comes out of it. The movie tries to work for both guys and for dykes who like to watch chicks go at it. It sort of comes off as a biker-chicks-screwing-hotties film, but it really can't make up its mind. The most notable scene is the open garage sequence. Some of the girls in the garage are pretending to fix a Harley Davidson. Savannah pulls up the driveway and the girls approach, putting down their tools, looking for fun. Savannah hooks up with Madison, while Racquel is paired with a red haired chick who looks pretty average (that's putting it nicely). She has a nose ring and appears to be playing the biker dyke role to perfection. After a while, Racquel fingers the girl and eats her pussy. Its a fair scene, but certainly not great.
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Boxcover for Racquel's Addiction
Racquel's Addiction 

Release date: 7/18/2002
Reviewed on: 7/19/2002 by astroknight

Starring: Patricia Kennedy, Peter North, Racquel Darrian, Derrick Lane, Jacqueline, Jon Dough
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Derrick Lane
Review brief: Running Time: 83 min. Production Date: 1991 Director: Derrick Lane Cast: Racquel Darrian, Patricia Kennedy, Madison, Jacqueline, Savannah (listed here as Silver Kane), Derrick Lane, Jon Dough, Peter North, and Micky Ray Initial Expectations: Racquel has always been yummy, which is enough for me to look forward to this one. Initial Reaction: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Who Should Watch It : Extreme Racquel Darrian fans, anybody whos longing for a little early nineties porn, and insomniacs Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting porn with high technical aspects Audio /Video Quality: The audio leaves a bit to be desired, but thats mostly because Im not a fan of this style. Most of the time the only audio is the music, and most of the non-sex scenes are done with voice-overs. When theres non-music audio, it tends to be good, but dont try holding your breath between sounds of the stars. Im not quite sure what to think about the video, but I know its not that impressive. Theres quite a bit that seems almost animated.
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