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Review brief: Its an all black blowjob movie which honestly fills me with something similar to dread. Its been my experience that when girls are chosen for a specific look they are usually sub-par. It doesn't matter if they were picked for the color of their skin, the color of their hair or there age it always seems like the barrel gets scraped for these. Then couple on that while I love blowjobs this is going to be nothing but. Id be shocked if this was above average.
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Review brief: Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad and over all this is just the bad. The god news is that if you're like me and the best thing in life is to see, or better yet have a womans lips wrapped around a cock you get plenty of that here. The girls range from so so to good in appearance with a few diamonds hidden in the rough. Its entirely shot POV which is a shame it keeps all of the girls in the same on knees cock sucking position and doesn't let us get any looks at their asses, or really of their ties or anything else. We don't get much gagging or spit which is either a good thing or a bad thing, for me it just makes each scene a little boring. For me none of the girls truly sand out in terms of their performance so pick which girls you think are the sexiest watch their scenes and toss this back in the bin.
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Review brief: Here we go fans with a quick take on this All Black girl bj dvd from Black Ice. If you're into good POV dick sucking by some good looking sistas then this is a good pick up as a rental or purchase. The dominant theme has the girls taking the pops to their "grills" aka face or teeth area but most don't really taste much of the cum with a couple notable exceptions. Jemeni closing out the dvd probably had the best finish I recall. The one big problem I had with this title is not knowing who the girls were as they weren't ID before the scene, the menus didn't list names and if the girl didn't say who she was I pretty much had no idea other than Ariel Alexus who I know and the last girl said who she was. Beyond that I thought this was a good bj dvd with some great close up dick sucking. Usually there was a little tease before they get down to the head cleaning with again some notable exceptions with a couple licking at their nipples. There aren't any extras beyond trailers so some BTS would have been nice so far as giving ID's.
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