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Review brief: It's snarky rich Dean Monroe's 25th birthday: the excuse for some hot sex with loads of stunning Eastern European studs. There are several twosomes, a threesome, and a five-man orgy. It's all photographed amidst beautiful scenery making it a treat for the eyes as well as for the dick. All our birthdays should be like this one!
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Review brief: The Club from Man-Size by Private is a 2-hour film with six scenes featuring a European cast. Most European films feature either the twinks or the muscle men. This one goes for that middle of the road look with lanky guys and the tall tight muscled jocks. Most of the guys are really hot; however, it might be hard to pick one out of a line up, as many of them look alike. I tried my best on identifying each one, but could be mistaken with the lanky ones. Credits with hats and side views made this one a challenge. The film opens with two straight (or supposed straight) couples walking down a deserted street to go to a bar where they seemed to be the only customers. They enter the club, which looks more like an old church at first, and are greeted by a half naked pair of guys. The coat check guys stare in awe at the four as they walk to their tables. Leo Randolf, a hunky guy wearing only a leather jock and harnessthe required attire of the club- takes their drink orders.
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Review brief: If prisons were really the way they are presented in gay porn we would be climbing their walls to get into them not doing our best to stay out. Just imagine being shut off from the world with a group of gorgeous hot horny men and being looked after by hunky jailers who were hung like horses. O prison would be paradise enow! JAILHOUSE COCK presents us with such a world. It opens with a group of prisoners being escorted to their incarceration in a prison van. (You can chose to hear the dialogue from a number of languages, if not you will hear them speak in English with heavy Slavic accents.) Vot arrr you looking at? one of the guards snarls at one of the prisoners. Sock my deek! He does and ends up with cum on his orange prison garb for his pains. And this is even before the credits roll. Once inside, the prisoners are photographed, fingerprinted, and ordered to strip. We get first a rear view of five beautiful butts. When they turn around a guard goes down the line measuring their cocks. (I dont know why but it does give us glorious close-ups of four fabulous uncut cocks.
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Review brief: TEMPTATION AT THE BATHS, also known as PHARAOHS BATHHOUSE FANTASIES, is one of the most beautiful gay porn films ever made. The performers are jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Its an awesomely incredible assemblage of the epitome of male beauty! The setting is one of the most erotic interiors I have seen outside of the male brothel in Pompeii. The walls are covered with expertly painted murals of stunning men engaged in various sexual situations. (I wish the location had been identified in the credits as it would be well worth a visit. Hell, I want to live there!) The elegant and revealing costumes that the hunks wear add greatly to the exotic and erotic atmosphere. The sexual encounters are all threesomes or foursomes as one would expect in a bathhouse in any age. We have a foursome up first. Two of the performers here are more than special: Frank Miller (I think it hysterical when Eastern European porn stars adopt American noms de porn) and Lucio Maverick. Franks pectorals are so developed that it would be more accurate to call them tits. Huge protruding nipples add to that illusion.
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Review brief: This is another in the series of films directed by Csaba Borbely crammed with Hungarian beauties. The guys in these films are absolutely incredible. It's like watching Greek statues fuck. The premise is that these guys are in the military and the scenes are separated by rather inept military endeavors: marching, etc. But when they remove those uniforms, you will definitely sit up and take notice. We start right off the bat with an orgy. It's followed by two threesome scenes and concludes with yet another orgy. I find one on one much hotter myself, and the sex here seems more forced than enjoyed but just looking at these guys will get one off. In scene two we find Antal Pozsa a big blond with an enormous dick.....really, really big. He has appeared in Herve Handsome's films (most notably in Fire Pump) under another name but he is unmistakable. It takes two to service him here, and rightly so. If these guys arent gay, they certainly give great performances. Although the sex is not overly passionate it is not inhibited and the guys are gorgeous.
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Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Csaba Borbely Cast: Ken Spencer, Roberto Giorgio, Fernando Nielsen, Denzel Rossovich, Paal Green, David Roth, Remus Orza, Michael Constanzo, Laurence Cain, Marius Reves, Richard Becker, Ivan Mrozek, Ben Mason, Story: A hunky European water polo team struggles to learn the valuable lesson of teamwork. Scene One Speedos! Damn I love men in Speedos! Especially when theyre kissing deeply while rubbing their Speedo-clad bulges together! 4 guys get ejected from water polo class and meet up with a fifth hunk in the whirlpool room. All these guys are gorgeous, and seem to really enjoy each others company. It almost looks like theres an oral cumshot in this one, too. (though its hard to tell it could have just been really white slobber landing on Ivans tongue). Its a good scene. I just wish they had switched positions around a bit more. Scene Two Heres a good example of how not to film a scene.
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