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Boxcover for Alexandra (VCA)
Alexandra (VCA) 

Release date: 9/21/2001
Reviewed on: 1/14/2003 by classic-connoisseur

Starring: Joanna Storm, Eric Edwards, Eve Sternberg, Ashley Summer, Lauren Wilde, Reg Wilson
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Col. Robert Freeman
Review brief: Length: 92:48 Year: 1983 The VCA dvd of Alexandra is presented full screen and the picture is as clear as can be expected for a film 20 years old. The audio is in excellent shape and comes through clear at all times and I didn't notice any hard to understand dialogue. Now on to the plot of the movie. This movie has enough plot to keep a soap opera going for 6 months, but don't let that discourage you my fellow porn viewers. I found the story well developed and if you follow it closely it is quite interesting and it will hold your attention. You do have to pay attention though to know what is happening. This is not a film you can fast forward through and know what is happening. The plot involves 3 couples of whom the men of the 3 couples all have one thing in common they have all dated Alexandra. Alexandra remains a mystery throughout the movie. Alexandra has something in store for these 3 couples though, she wants the guys, girlfriends to think that she is about to tell their boyfriends about their secret sexual shenanigans.
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