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Review brief: Good interracial gangbang DVDs are hard to find. In my opinion, they usually have the following shortcomings ... black gangbangers who cant get it up and/or keep it up unattractive white gangbangee poor production values and bad camera work instead of focusing on one bottom servicing lots of tops, theres too much side action and things turn into an orgy instead of a gangbang Luckily, it looks like All Worlds Video (now merged with Channel 1 Releasing) is looking to revive its Black Balled line of interracial videos in a big way. In case youre interested, Black Balled 1, 2, and 3 are old and not worth checking out. BB 4 is OK and features former Falcon guy Rob Romoni (famous for turning his then boyfriend Matthew Rush into an on-screen bottom.) Black Balled 5 is much much better and casts another Falcon regular, Dean Monroe as the lucky white guy who gets gangbanged. The plot of BB5 is short and sweet: Dean plays an arrogant straight soap opera star who mistreats people.
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Review brief: Clocking in an 3 1/2 hours, this movie will leave your dick drained and spent. Yes, I blew multiple loads while viewing this movie. :D This All Worlds flick directed by Chi Chi LaRue is at his/her flithy best. At an astounding 9 scenes, there's going to be at least one scene that will take you over the edge again, and again, and again. Raunchy and flithy sex at it's best is the only way to describe this film because any other kind of words I could use to describe this movie would not do it justice! It's that good. All the performances were excellent but if I have to narrow it down the top 3 performers in this movie are Steve Cassidy, Carlos Morales, and Lance Gear. Trust me it was damn near impossible to narrow it down to just those.
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Review brief: What I Liked The main thing that turns me on about this DVD is the theme. If you're into older guys paired with younger guys, or if you find the idea of incest hot, then you'll be sure to love this one! I owned the VHS tape years ago, so I was excited that All Worlds had finally released this one on DVD! The basic plot of the movie is that a group of fathers bring their sons to a meeting of their secret society in order to initiate them into man-on-man sex. There are 4 different scenes in which one of the fathers has sex with one of the other guy's sons. Then the final scene is an orgy with all the fathers and sons, including a sequence in which one of the sons lovingly gives his father a blowjob. Makes me shoot my load everytime! What I Disliked There's not too much to dislike about this movie. Perhaps the orgy scene goes on a little too long. And it would be nice if you had a better idea of which father belonged with which son so you would know exactly when the taboo of incest is occurring.
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Review brief: Running Time: 89 min. Production Date: December 2001 Director: Chi Chi La Rue Cast: Devon Barry, Jon Erik, Alex Foxe, Holly Halston, Troy Halston, T. J. Hart, Lance Landers, Tino Lopez, Julian Pierce, Jack Ryan, Todd Shore, Tiger, Tina Tyler, and Keri Windsor Initial Expectations: Ive heard very good things about this feature, so Im going in with pretty high expectations. Initial Reaction: Dont pass this bi by! Who Should Watch It : Anybody curious about bisexual movies or who just wants a well balanced bisexual movie Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a bisexual scene every time or a plot Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are mighty impressive. The audio is normally well balanced, but there are a few minor places that seem a little off. The video is also very nicely done. Its clear, well lit, and has a very even look throughout the movie. Music: The music has a slightly different feel than most pornos, but is very nicely balanced with the rest of the audio.
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Review brief: Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: December 2001 Dirceted by: Chi Chi Larue Female Cast: Holly Halston, T.J. Hart, Tina Tyler, Keri Windsor, Alex Foxe Male Cast: Jon Erik, Troy Halston, Lance Landers, Jullian Pierce, Jack Ryan, Tino Lopez, Todd Shore, Tiger, Devon Barry Music: A heart throbbing low key drum beat/synthesizer combo. This is actually mesmerizing at times and changes with each scene. Disc Problems: The usual stalls during the first several minutes with my cheap player. There are no problems on my laptop. Comments: This is not my usual review. Then again, this is not your usual movie. I watched this as a VHS rental and have been dying to review the DVD. Finally I found it for rent at my local video super store. I like it so much that I may have to pay the exorbitant price to own it. There is a 3 1/2 minute commercial for All Worlds Resort that plays prior to the main menu. Chapter Select: 6 slides for the opening, 4 chapters, and closing credits. Review: Opening: Flight attendants T.J.
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Boxcover for Lickity Split
Lickity Split 

Release date: 5/24/2002
Reviewed on: 2/5/2003 by folkyboy

Starring: Thomas Bond, Tiger, Logan Reed, Lance Gear, Rick Ritter, Chad Hunt, Jackson Price, Evan Taylor, Logan Krewe
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Review brief: Lickity Split was described as An Oral Confection and boy is it! Shot in Studio 5533 in North Hollywood, California, this delectable flick offers us some interesting choices in flavors. The basic storyline revolves around young Jackson Price and his buddy Tiger working behind the counter of a 50s style ice cream shop. Both wear these sailor hats and striped shirts that gave me this weird feel to them. Tiger isnt really my taste anyway, and his Depeche Mode hair dangling down underneath a sailor hat made this look very gay. Jackson had blonder hair here than I was used to seeing (this film was shot in May of 2001), but the hat totally made him look hot. The little spiky gay boy hair peeking out and his olive colored skin with those piercing green eyes. He was the perfect ice cream parlor boy. I thought the credits were a neat touch as well. As the picture introduces us to the setting (Chat Hunt, Dante Foxx, and Logan Reed all eating ice cream), neon colored credits appear on the bottom of the screen. Each buzzes when the next one is displayed.
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