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Review brief: Lovely Taija Rae is our hostess for SEXRAGEOUS (1986, Caballero Home Video) as her banter bookends a wild Burd Tranbaree French film LES FEMMES MARIEES aka LES DAMES DE COMPAGNIE from 1980. Richard Lemieuvre stars as Philip, a catalyst for much of the action between swinging couples in and around Paris. This wacky film packs plenty in its 80 minutes and this dubbed in English version rarely hinders the terrific little sex flick. Standard frame.
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Review brief: What a lucky Guy! Guy Rooyer drives around France fucking women of variable attractiveness, before eventually bringing two home to his wife for some interesting orgies. There are some decent scenes in here and lots of beautiful bushes, but, unfortunately, poor camera work, lame dubbing, and inexcusable cuts diminish the overall quality considerably.
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Review brief: VCX has re-released TWO AT ONCE (1978, France) via its Cal Vista Classic series of DVDs from 2009.
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Review brief: VCX has re-released a dubbed version of FLESH FEVER (1978, France) via its Cal Vista Classic line of DVDs, which debuted in 2008.
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Review brief: Alpha France delivers once again with this double feature of two more obscure French hardcore offerings. While Claude Mulot's Belles D'un Soir is one of the finest French X rated films ever made, Claude Bernard Aubert's Parties De Chasse En Sologne is a very average sex filled offering. Both are presented uncut and from nice 35mm elements, though both have been stripped of their original titles and have had superimposed new titles placed over the originals. Even so, this is quite probably the best releases these films will ever get, and considering their rarity, they're well worth the purchase.
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Review brief: Cast: Brigitte Lahaie, Dominique Aveline, Jean-Louis Vattier, Ursula White Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Trabanree) Production year: 1977 DVD Details Runtime: 87 min Video: Widescreen Sound: Dolby 2.0 Region: 0 (region free) System: PAL Language: French, English dub Extras: Blue One Trailers from 6 other Brigitte Lahaie movies !!! For US customers: to play this disc, your DVD player and TV Set must be able to output and display PAL. DVD transfer quality appears to be decent, unfortunately, I have not seen other Blue One releases on DVD, so I can't compare. There are occasinal dust scratches now and then, but generally, the picture is clear. Synopsis Pierre is having disturbing sexual fantasies featuring his female neighbor (Brigitte Lahaie) and decides to consult the psychiatrist (uncredited female). Meanwhile, Pierre's wife (Ursula White) senses something is not right with her husband and also seeks moral (and not so moral) support from her girlfriend.
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