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Boxcover for Get a Grip (Rockman)
Get a Grip (Rockman) 

Release date: 9/29/2005
Reviewed on: 11/28/2005 by misternogood

Starring: Gen Padova, Kelli Tyler, Katie Rae, Kami Andrews, Jordan O'Neal, Isabella Love
Studio: Rockman Enterprises

Directed by: Brett Rockman
Review brief: Get a Grip is an all handjob movie directed by Brett Rockman. I have been buying alot of his movies lately, and I always have mixed feelings about them. The content is usually okay, it is mostly the camera work that I am disappointed with. Perhaps things will be better with this movie. The movie starts off well, with the attractive Jordan Oneil talking dirty, then getting to her knees to lighty lick on a guys dick and spit on it. Jordan wraps her hands around it and slowly strokes him while still talking dirty. Eventually the guy stands up to jerk off onto her boobs. Although Jordan performed well, the scene was disappointing as the camera was positioned behind her for much of the scene, and the only time you saw her face was when she turned her neck all the way around to occasionally face the camera. Most of the time, you saw the guys face more than the girl, and that should not be happening in a handjob video.
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Review brief: I was disappointed with the first movie in the series as it had alot of intercourse in it, so I threw it away. This time around Brett Rockman made almost every scene a bj only scene, so perhaps I will like this one better. Up first is Vivian West, an average looking blonde girl wearing an aqua colored tank top, on her knees getting her face dick slapped by a huge cock and then getting lightly facefucked. Vivian gets a blindfold placed around her eyes, and she is surrounded by a small group of men. With four cocks pointing in her face, she sucks on each one and then when she guesses the right number of men around her, she takes off the blindfold to energetically take each one deep into her mouth. Vivian then gets onto her back for some inverted bjs, then once back to her knees, she quickly sucks onto each one, and licks all over their balls. One guy jerks off onto her cheek, followed by a second guy shooting 4 powerful blasts to her other cheek.
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Review brief: Oral Assistance is a two girl on one guy blowjob movie where all the girls use a slow seductive style, so you won't see any gagging or any rough stuff here (and for me, that a good thing). Up first is the cute Harmony on her knees giving a bj, then Eve joins in. Both girls do a pretty good job energetically sucking and deepthroating Brett Rockmans massive dick. Eventually he jerks off a large load onto both girls faces and it slides off their chin. Harmony and Eve suck the cum off the head and kiss. Both girls performed well, but did not make much eye contact with the camera. The entire scene was shot third person, and Bretts face was often onscreen. I would have liked to have seen a set up to the scene. Next is the cute, dark haired girl Avena and the attractive blonde Cassie who is wearing green eye-shadow. Avena starts off by teaching Cassie how to suck a cock, and soon it is Cassie's turn. Both girls pass his huge cock back and forth, then both girls wrap their lips around the sides of his cock, and slide back and forth.
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Review brief: 2 Hot to Handle Initial Thoughts: With the cast in this one, and the two girls on a guy theme, I came in with pretty high expectations, and frankly, I'm satisfied with it, but I think more could have been done with this title. It's got some high points, like seeing Venus and Tyla Wynn together, and Missy Monroe just going ballistic in her scene for a couple, but it's also got a few low points, like occasionally poor technical quality (I'll explain later), and it comes up fairly short on the bang for the buck category, with total runtime with all the extra's combined barely breaking the 2 hour mark. I give them credit for putting in a really impressive cast of girls, and the pairings are reasonably good, but there just seems to be something missing in several of the scenes, the girls occasionaly get on with one another well, but then they cut to something else. Not nearly enough opening tease, despite making an effort with outfts. A solid effort that just could have been a little better. Technical Considerations: Well now for that explanation I promised.
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