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Review brief: If it involves sucking, fucking, or exhibitionism, it's probably happening at the "Screwdriver Saloon"...or at least it used to be. An overall-good, late-80's release from Coast to Coast and Bob Vosse, this fun, little fuck-flick offers up the tale of a seedy, past-its-prime bar--now a front for prostitution--where live sex shows and all manner of debauchery were once the order of the day.
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Review brief: Tricked by lust and libation into accompanying a cute-but-crafty space princess (Robin Cannes) to a far away world from which no one returns, an adventurer (Paul Thomas) and his navigator (Richard Pacheco) find themselves in the clutches of a golden-hued, evil overlord of nigh infinite power. Such is the case in "Sex Wars", a very good, mid-80s sci-fi takeoff from Excalibur and Bob Vosse.
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Review brief: Sex Wars is a fun comedic sci-fi parody to come out of the mid-80s. The story is engaging and the sex scenes are well done. The picture is in good shape but the release is flawed by only being available as a manufacture on demand disc.
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Review brief: This film was made during the mid 1980's, and following the acquisition of Cal-Vista to VCX, this film is being presented on DVD for the first time and all things considered, looks great! The film's video looks quite good, and the audio is just as good as well.
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Review brief: The overall story line of Debbie Does Em All is this: Debbie (Angel) finally gets the job she wanted a stewardess. On her first flight she meets her old friend Pam (Shanna McCullough), who brings her to an orgy during their lay-over.
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Review brief: VCX has re-released DEBBIE DOES 'EM ALL as part of its Cal Vista Classic series of DVDs for 2010. Here is a review.
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Review brief: Classic 80s feature about a heavy metal" group, The Sextelettes, who seduce their way to the top of music industry food chain in an effort to get the elusive "airplay" for their video, "Hotter Than Hot." Sounds too good to be true, and it would be if it weren't for some fun performances, a truly bizarre sex scene with Patti Cakes, and a kick-ass song.
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Review brief: You know, even with a steady stream of gonzo flicks, I think that there's always room in for some old-school porn. Of course, to me, old-school means mid-1980 and before. One film I remember seeing on VHS years ago was Rock Hard, with Taija Rae as Adonna, leader of the Sexelettes (with the sexy and legendary Nina Hartley as Cindi and Patti Cakes as Ultra-Box). As you can guess, these ladies will do anything and anyone (DJ's, managers, etc.) to get to the top.
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Review brief: Rock Hard is a mid 80s romp that revolves around the rock band, The Sexolettes and their quest to make it big in the video rock world.
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Boxcover for Three Faces of Angel
Three Faces of Angel 

Release date: 11/18/2008
Reviewed on: 3/27/2009 by barrettman

Starring: Angel, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Kay Parker, Lili Marlene, R. Bolla, Aaron Stuart, Dan T. Mann, Rod Grant
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Directed by: Bob Vosse
Review brief: The hottest woman ever to do porn, Angel, is the focus here . Briefly appearing in the mid 80's to the early 1990, Angel was a pre vison of loveliness. " 3 faces " focuses on her early mid-80's work for Metro w/ 5 of 8 scenes Angel's . If you are new to Angel, or want to get a cleaned-up dvd copy of some of classic scenes, " 3 faces " is a must have dvd .
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