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Review brief: The elements that are there look authentic enough, and all of the actors reprising roles from the original are all well chosen and play their parts perfectly. The first three sex scenes are perfect pairings, the fourth takes a huge misstep by including Louis, and the fifth is best not mentioned at all. However, it's the vast amount of missing story elements and unrealized sex pairings that prevents this from being a perfect 10.
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Review brief: Here we have a porn take on a 1980's classic, Ghostbusters. We get all the major characters here and overall this version is faithful to the original source material with some changes which are probably due to time and budget constraints on the production. Having said that nothing to major was left out, you get enough of the story to follow along and there are tons of nods to the Hollywood version throughout this production. Raven Alexis makes for a superb Sigourney Weaver and Evan Stone does quite well in portraying the Bill Murray role. Fans of the Hollywood movie who wanted to see these peeps fuck and that includes the Rick Moranis character you get your wish here and check out Sarah Shevon too who gets the Annie Potts role and has fun with it big time.
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