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Review brief: This movie contains 5 hot scenes wich are all worth looking. The first scene shows two pretty girls givin' a guy a pretty hot BJ (DP, Asslicking), pussylicking and some awesome looking action. It ends with a facial cumshot (no swallowing if i remember right). The second scene offers one hot piece of a slut, sucking the dicks of 5 guys, many single and double penetration included. She gets all the cum in her mouth and swallows it. The next scene shows two pretty girls doing a little lesbian stuff and having some hot action with the two guys, wich soon join the little party. The last scene shows the girl of the first scene again, wildly sucking a black dick and becoming penetratd.
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Review brief: Prologue Since becoming a contract girl/director for Sin City/Mayhem, Aurora Snow has seemed to fly under the radar. It wasn't that long ago that everything she did was put under the critical microscope of porn fans all over the web. In the last couple of years she has put on a couple of pounds (honestly, just a couple), and added some maturity in her look and confidence in her performance. She's as cute as ever and IMHO, a better performer. I have reviewed Anal Delinquents, Assploitations 3 and Sweet Obscenities within the last year and have found them all to be good, sometimes even great. Getting back to this video, Assploitations 4, we have Hannah Harper, Lauren Phoenix, Gia Paloma, Lucy Lee, Shayna Knight and Avy Lee Roth (who I'm pretty sure doesn't) taking it up the butt for our director and star. That's a fairly impressive lineup and I'm looking forward to it. The opening video sequence has Aurora Snow bound to a spider web of chains. It looks like a continuation of the mood from Dementia.
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Boxcover for Sweet Obscenities
Sweet Obscenities 

Release date: 7/14/2004
Reviewed on: 11/18/2004 by picman

Starring: Alex Sanders, Tyce Bune, Van Damage, Aurora Snow, Lee Stone, Brett Rockman, Ashley Long, Victoria Givens, Sascha, Gia Jordan, Pason
Studio: Mayhem

Directed by: Aurora Snow
Review brief: Prologue Aurora Snow brings us a collection of women regaling us with their fantasies and some smutty talk. A couple of my favorites, Ashley Long and Gia Jordan have scenes and women I've been meaning to look up, Pason and Victoria Givens, round out the cast. Let's see what they have to say for themselves. Pason opens the video giving us some verbal and physical tease, asking if we want to see all the things she's showing us. I think we're all in agreement. Yes! After masturbating to an apparent orgasm, she's joined by Aurora, who interviews her about her fantasies and that leads into her sex scene with Alex Sanders, who's going to grudge fuck Pason. He fondles, smacks and rubs up on a simmering Pason before sticking his tongue in her ass and pussy. He picks her up for a standing 69. He puts her down on the couch with her head hanging over the arm rest to fuck Pason's face. Sitting on the couch, Alex gets more head from Pason, who pulls off her corset, revealing a very tight looking body and her enhanced boobs.
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Review brief:   Prologue It's been a long while since I've viewed anything by Aurora Snow. In fact, nothing since she became a Sin City contract girl. Interested in seeing how she's changed, and intrigued by a couple of her co-stars in this volume, I decided to check it out. Let's see what Aurora and friends are up to. Rio Mariah and Aurora Snow We open with an off camera male voice telling Aurora that she's grounded. A pouting Ms. Snow grouses about getting blamed for the things that she does. All she did was get her ass fucked. Right from the start I have to say that Aurora looks better than ever. She seems to have gained a few pounds, making her look healthier, and still looks almost illegal. Her outfit looks like it was designed by Crayola which doesn't hurt the fantasy. This morphs into a tease sequence by Rio Mariah, who strips and plays with herself using a blue double dong. This serves to warm her pussy nicely and she adds a couple of fingers to her ass.
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Review brief: DreamWeaver Reviews Adult DVD Talk Movie Review: Mayhem Assploitations 2 General Summary Theme Anal sex Expectations I'll be expecting well captured sex scenes, attractive women, albeit made to look a little on the trashy side and lots of backdoor mayhem. General Impression An average DVD. You can expect a fairly good cast and plenty of anal sex in all scenes, but the settings are very gloomy (shadows, black leather, chains, skulls) and the sound, camera work and overall production values vary, albeit slightly, from one scene to the next.
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Review brief: Synopsis This movie has 5 action packed scenes.  There was a fetish type feel to the movie with one room featuring a large metal cage.  The scenes all features anal since the title of the movie is Assploitations 2.  Theres also a big black dick in each scene though only one features a real big black dick attached to Mr.
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