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Review brief: In this movie five good looking girls have (anal) sex with well hung black guys. The girls are looking great. In every scene the girls start sucking the guy's cock. They get fucked in the pussy, but very soon the girl gets fucked in the ass. The first two scenes are the best ones. In these scenes, there are two guys, but they only dp Ariana and not Melissa.
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Review brief: Well fans time for me to write about a fun porn theme, worshipping the female ass and who better to direct our journey than the perverted reigning XRCO Superslut Ariana Jollee. She's assembled a top notch cast including Sandra Romain, Tory Lane, Melissa Lauren, Dana Vespoli, and finally herself. I did a quick look at the extras and you've got some nice interviews with each of the girls save for Tory. Dana came off as the most perverted listing drinking pee from her ass as something she likes to do. Sandra Romain who can be so powerful in her scenes comes off as such a sweetheart and Melissa just exudes an elegance that has captivated many a man and women since she's been on the scene. Ariana has brought this fine group together and now let's see just how outrageous she lets them get and I can bet it's pretty wild. Ariana Jollee: Starting off you have this sexy brunette and I like how the menu's laid out listing all the fun positions she's going to do and if form holds you'll have a lot of Ariana participation too during the scene.
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Boxcover for Young Bung 3
Young Bung 3 

Release date: 2/1/2006
Reviewed on: 2/9/2006 by bono-one

Starring: Monique, Jamie, Bailey, Ariana Jollee, Sasha Knox
Studio: Mayhem

Directed by: Ariana Jollee
Review brief: Well folks you ever wonder what really happens at Summer Camp, well Ariana Jollee has finally shown what we all know goes on but your parents were never told, SEX, SEX, and more SEX!! The best part of it too is that these young bungers like to take the cock in all their holes and with the head Bunger-- that's Ariana, looking on we see each potential girl show their stuff to Ariana who in the end will grade their efforts, that is she did this in the first two volumes so I'm assuming she does it this time. I did watch the BTS and it was fun, there are interviews too with all the talent save for Ariana and I think that is a mistake. I want to hear from the director on this title and perhaps when she grades the girls that can be sorta her interview/ take on the whole dvd so again let's wait until after the last scene. The cast for this one features a couple girls I'm well versed in writing about, Jamie Elle and Bailey plus you have Ariana and the final two girls are Monique and Sasha Knox.
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Review brief: Well sports fans or I guess I should say Porn fans we've got ourselves quite the interesting title in the player-- at least the people who made this hope so but when you see the director and the cast I think you'll feel better pressing play. As you can gather from the title this movie is all about girls who love black cock-- in their pussies, mouths, and most especially their ass!! So who is in this just to wet your appetite, Melissa Lauren, Sandra Romian, Georgia Peach, Liv Wylder, and finally the last girl and the one helming this enterprise is none other than Ariana Jollee. So with her perverted mind behind this and with the fine array of talent I think interracial fans will more than get their money's worth. Let's get going. Ariana Jollee: Leading off with herself Ariana wants to set a strong tone for this project You see her dressed in a nice shiny lime green top, some frayed blue jean Daisy Dukes, and her hair is pulled up a little. You see Ariana taking pictures of the camera shooting her as the tease gets underway.
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Review brief: Welcum fans to a title I've been looking forward to now for about 2 months ever since I learned of one scene being shot for this one and that scene stars the awesome Ariana Jollee along with the equally stunning and nasty Hillary Scott. And for the sake of being fair I did have a small part to play in putting these two wonderful performers together and they graciously thanked me in the tease segment of Hillary's scene and for that I return the thanks.
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Review brief: Ok here we have the third dvd released that this talented woman has directed and I know she had a good time making this one since she emailed me from Brazil while she was making it!! I know she was really pumped to work with Nacho Vidal and from what I've read sparks flew so hopefully they have a good scene or scenes in this one. Ariana is the only girl I recognize and I know a couple of the guys names, chiefly Nachos. So let's hit some highlights. Scene 1: They start off strong with a shot of Ariana's ass from ground level and being a long time fan I love this shot and can never tire of seeing this good lookin tush. The tease does kinda drag on though but hey it's Ariana so I'll gladly sit and watch her paint walls if I get to see her! You can tell eventually that it's Nacho shooting camera and then he gets a bit more into the scene letting Ariana engulf his cock and fans of this lady know she can suck some cock. The close shots were really good and the eye contact was very nice by Miss Jollee who also gags pretty hard on his monster cock.
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Review brief: Young Bung Studio: Mayhem Director: Ariana Jollee Year: 2005 Feature Time: 2:48:25 Extras: Behind the Scenes / Interviews / Trailers (0:31:26) Starring: Ariana Jollee Candi Apple Tyla Wynn Staci Thorn Tiffany Holiday Themes: Anal, Barely Legal Cover Quote: "Five Hot Little Ass Angels Get Their Ripe Pink Rosebuds Fucked, Plucked, Licked, Dicked and Frosted with Hot Sticky Mayhem" 2-Disc Set I've been dying to see one of Ariana Jollee's movies as a director/performer. She's such a great porn starlet who has given her all in so many great performances in the past. I figure her perverted eye behind the camera will yield some fabulous results. "Young Bung" is a good-looking package, a 2-Disc set from Mayhem with an attractive cover prominently featuring the oh-so-hot Ariana dominating the submissive cutie Tiffany Holiday.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 133 min. Production Date: 6 / 16 / 2004 Director: Ariana Jollee - US Version. Although I havent seen it, Ive heard that Otto Bauer is credited as director on the European version. Although Id love to believe that it was all Ariana, I have no doubt that with the lack of ethics Anarchy has continually shown that theyd be more than happy to just slap a popular stars name on somebody elses work to increase their sales. Cast: Ariana Jollee, Sophia, Jackie Moore, Katrina Kraven, Jada Fire, Audrey Hollander, Brian Surewood, Benjamin Bratt, Tony T., Seth Dickens, Bad Bob, Buster Good, and Otto Bauer The Short Story Initial Expectations: Im always nervous when stars move behind the camera, yet Ariana has such a wonderful nasty side that I have a bit of hope here. Unfortunately, I cant have too high of expectations because Anarchy has shown themselves to be a piece of crap that doesnt give a rats ass about their customers due to their continual string of lies on the covers of almost every one of their titles Ive seen.
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Review brief: For those of you who are supertitious I have come to review #666 and well that might not mean anything but for such a unique number I thought I'd save a special title and there isn't a more special title to me anyway than one directed by and starring the multitalented Ariana Jollee. I know of only one other title she's directed so this will be a treat to see how if she does anything different with this one. Judging by the opening credits it seems like a tour de force assault on several pretty young girls and their asses! It looks like Ariana will be in on each scene like in the other title she helmed and I think that could be cool seeing how she injects herself in each scene whether it be during the opening tease, in the middle, or at the end to help with the cum play. I have a feeling she will be doing a bit of all that and perhaps some ways I haven't even thought of. Mayhem has done some aggressive titles and they couldn't have picked a more balls to the wall woman to direct this title than Ariana. So let's get rolling as they say.
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Review brief: Synopsis My initial reaction to Ariana Jollee as a performer was lukewarm. Hell, physically she is sexy as all hell - exactly my type. However, I wasn't lit afire by the sexual pyrotechnics of her early work. This reviewer viewed her as another pretender to the extreme throne...someone trying hard to get noticed quickly via shock value who would probably end up on Kinda the Howard Stern of porn. I was wrong. Later works showed Ariana not to be a poser but the real-deal. As her library grew, it became apparent that Jollee was not just a flash in the pan. I won't say she's not in the business for the money (thats just silly!), but she is genuinely enjoying her work. There appears to be much more involved here than just fucking. A philosphy? a creed? Who knows, but there is definitely an intellect and a will to explore the erotic at play here.
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Review brief: Well having risen up the gonzo ranks in a pretty quick, wet, nasy, and genuinely fun fashion Ariana Jollee has taken that next step and turned that camera which adores her and now she trains it on others to see if they possess that same energy and passion she brings to a scene. There is a helpful explanation which tells us that narcissism is a form of self love and specifically excessive interest in one's own appearance. So with the ASS featured so prominently in the title I suspect Ariana's eye will focus a lot of interest on the bootie but with Ariana's twisted and nasty imagination what we might see one can guess but I imagine she will still manage to surprise! So let's get this show rollin, so lights, camera, and action! Jackie Moore & Katrina Kraven: As this first scene gets underway we first see a shot of Ariana, then it's Katrina with her fingers furiously playing with her pussy, and then the shot goes back to Ariana who with camera in one hand uses the other to grab at her breasts as well as rub over her pretty pink shorts.
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