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Review brief: Silver Label (aka Sensual Blend) has a plethora of technical problems, all of which could be overlooked if the girls were decent looking and the sex was hot. Unfortunately, neither of these factors is addressed by Damaged Productions or director Antonio del Toro. Problems? Where to start? Okay, how about the amateurish camerawork. The cameraman needed a couple more cups of coffee that morning, as his shaky hand is evident in just about every position change. When he wasnt shaking, rattling or rolling the camera, he was trying to get fancy by turning his camera sideways MTV style, often resulting in out of focus shots. Who started this obnoxious trend in porn? In addition, the camera cuts away from the money shot to show the guys face. We know what grimacing and straining looks likejust leave the camera on the girls face! Then they cut away from the girls face after the frosting way too quick. So much for the technical issues. The girls are average looking, at best. Alysin Chaynes used to be a very hot cutie.
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