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Review brief: Take a half dozen European women, such as the oh-so sexy Jennyfer Gold, Angelina Crow, and Jessica Moore, and put them in a flick from Private. The result is Private Movies 47: ABC's Of Fucking, and you will see some good stuff, to include a threesome, some anal sex, and even a bit of DP action.
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Review brief: Cleopatra Private Foreign, Feature Starring: Julia Taylor, Bobbi Eden, Jessica May, Laura Angel, Lucky, Rita Faltoyano Directed By:Antonio Adamo Running Time:Feature: 102 minutes, Total: 112 minutes RATINGS Feature + Extras: 6.22 Sex: 6.31 Women:9.00 TOTAL:7.18 FEATURE: The more I watch Private DVDs the more I hate the lengthy disclaimers and web add. This DVD has awesome menus. The first thing I noticed about the film was the horrible dubbing, it is so bad that I love it. Like an old Kung Fu flick. All of the ladies are I.D.ed in the credits. The acting is just as bad as the dubbing and some of the lines actually made me laugh hard enough to forget I was seeing naked ladies. There is an abundance of plot in the film and by the end it actually starts making sense, a rarity in porn. The sexiness of the women and the decent plot helped the film's score but the lack of extras and over edited sex evened it back out. The makeup, costumes and setting are all magnificent.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 102 min. Production Date: 4 / 15 / 2003 Director: Antonio Adamo Cast: Bobbi Eden, Jessica May, Julia Taylor, Lucky (also known as Lucie), Rita Faltoyano, Sandra Russo, Max Cortes, Mick Blue, Robert Rosenberg, and Steve Hooper in sexual roles, and Laura Angel, Nick Lang, and Zensa Raggi in non-sex roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive heard a lot about Adamos movies, but this is my first to watch. Im going in curious and with some hope. Initial Reaction: Its very nice, but has a few faults. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting beautifully shot action with a bit of nastiness Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a heavy anal emphasis or heavy chemistry The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: As usual, Private has put some nice effort into the technical aspects. For those who listen in English, the audio is dubbed nicely. Its clear, but the balance seems off just a little in a few places and much of it seems devoid of emotion. The video is also very nice.
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Review brief: Cleopatra Studio: Private Themes: Conventional and Anal Sex, Girl/Girl, Mugging for the Camera Cleopatra is a feature from this well-known European studio, directed by Antonio Adamo, who has done plenty of these feature films before. Ostensibly, this movie is supposed to be about the sexually ravenous Egyptian queen and her affair with the Roman Julius Caesar. I wasn't so certain about that, since I couldn't tell which character was who, and what their relationship was to each other. Frankly, the average music video has a stronger narrative than this film. What I did observe were women dressed as Egyptians having sex with men dressed as Romans. And the sex it all followed the same exact formula in each of the six scenes: pussy licking, blowjob, vaginal sex, anal sex. There were a few double penetrations and girl/girl pairings to add some variety to the mix, but it didnt make the film any hotter. The dialogue, all dubbed into English, was pedestrian at best.
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Review brief: Its not easy to imagine. A professionally produced feature film, an acclaimed director at the helm, an attractive castit seems ludicrous, impossible, yet Antonio Adamo has done it. Hes managed to make lesbian sex look pathetic. This has nothing to do with taste or preference. Some people like girl/girl, some people dont. Thats never stopped the girls from getting off just the same. No, what Adamos done here, in the conclusion of his Gladiator trilogy, is put on film a visual representation of the sexual chauvinism that preaches a good fuck is all thats standing between a lesbian and real sex. While Lynn Stone and Barbarella moan with heterosexual orgasmic pleasure in the foreground of the movies second scene, a couple of chicks remain interminably locked in a weak, quiet 69 in the background. Adamos close-ups dont add any excitement to the tryst; they merely clarify how unsatisfying it must be. Bad girl/girl is rife in the porn industry, but its rare to find a scene that makes it look quite as pointless as this one does. Pointless, too, is the Roman setting.
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Review brief: Gladiator III: Sexual Conquest Directed by Antonio Adamo Overall Impression I liked the first installment, but I wasn't blown away, so I was hoping for a strong finish to the trilogy. For the most part Adamo delivers. Some great sex scenes, nice mix of veteran talent and fresh faced starlets, the usual high production values, lots of anal, and plenty of raunchy sex complete with several memorable facials. The only thing holding me back from giving this film the higher rating it really deserves is the setting. I guess I can appreciate the classical Roman theme and it really worked for me at times, but in all honesty I could care less about the plot, and would be willing to throw it out the window completely if it meant I would get to see these women draped in the high fashion, and sexy lingerie I'm accustomed to seeing them in. The other small complaint was the voiced over sex sounds. I can accept dubbing in the dialogue, but it seems unnecessary to dub in the sounds of sex.
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