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Review brief: Mixed bag of seven Private scenes from Private flicks shot all over the world starring lovely Asians. Several very hot scenes and several scenarios that don't make sense (to my fantasy world anyhow...) keep the action going, even when you wonder what the director actually had in mind.
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Review brief: If you count yourself among Antonio Adamos fans, the Private Penthouse box set of six of the directors films from 2000-2001 is nothing short of a treasure trove of erotic entertainment. Fans of Sylvia Saint will want to pick it up for the four titles graced by this pretty blonde starlet. The lovely Nikki Anderson stars in two of the movies, and she wont disappoint her admirers, either. Private Penthouse stands as one the best porn collections the industry has yet produced. If you like Adamo. This collection includes Call Girl, Fashion, Dangerous Things, Dangerous Things 2, Italian Flair, and The Last Muse. Its imperative, I think, that you appreciate the way Adamo goes about the business of shooting a sex scene to really enjoy these pictures. Not the hack a lot of directors are, Adamos style is unique. Now, whether its uniquely enjoyable or singularly frustrating depends on what you like. My own view leans heavily toward the latter. What I appreciate most about Adamo is his eye for beauty.
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Review brief: Expectations The Private/Penthouse series was really the showcase of the talents of Antonio Adamo. He released 12 DVDs in this series. This box set captures 6 of them. I know the movies well, but I can't wait to see how the box has come out. Capsule Review All I can say is WOW! I am going to approach this review a little differently than I normally do, and I will dwell a while in this section. Also, I am not going to do a scene by scene review, but rather a disc by disc review. First off, let's broach the subject of Adamo. He is a very highly stylistic director that has a unique trademark feel to his movies. Some folks love his stuff, and others seem to hate it. I don't think there is a lot of middle ground. There have been comparisons drawn to Blake and Ninn, but other than the fact that those directors are also highly stylized, I don't think there are a lot of parallels. Adamo shoots porn as though it were a fashion magazine. Everything is bright, colors are deep and rich, wardrobe and sets are perfect, the women are made up.
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