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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 84 min. Production Date: May 2000 Director: Anthony Rose Cast: Alexxxis Tyler, C. J. Bennett, Candy Apples, Nikki Darling, Regan Starr, T. J. Hart, Alex Wilcox, Andre Savage, Chip Noll, Jason Nichols, Jesse Martin, Logan Reed, Mike Brandon, and Steve Shannon in sexual roles and Georio Falconi, Johnny Johnstron, Lana Luster, Mickey Skee, Mistress Ilsa Strix, and many more in non-sex roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: This seems to be one of the best thought of bisexual series out there. Im looking forward to this one. Initial Reaction: Its not bad, but its not quite as good as the original. Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for a well done bisexual feature Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting high quality technical aspects The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are a little weak, as one would normally expect from a bisexual movie. The audio is a bit hollow and the balance sometimes falters a bit.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 109 min. Production Date: May 1999 Director: Anthony Rose Cast: Candy Apples, Elizabeth G., Heaven Leigh, Obsession Demore, T. J. Hart, Anthony Cox, Bruce Hill, David Nelson, Ethan Starr, Leo De Silver, Tom Crooze, Zach Richards in sexual roles and Chi Chi LaRue, Mistress Ilsa Strix, Mickey Skee, Wolfgang Eisenschwartz, in non-sex roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive heard very good things about this series, and am definitely looking forward to it. Initial Reaction: Theres a couple minor bumps, but its still a very well done bisexual movie. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants a bisexual movie with chemistry and a fun spirit Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting dark and heavy scenes, facials, or girls doing anal The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done when you consider the age of the movie and that its a bisexual movie (which are notorious for poor technical aspects).
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Review brief: Cast: Candy Apples, Tina Tyler, Bunny Bleu, Lauren Montgomery, Drew Andrews, Grant Woods, Vince Rockland, Dino D'Marco and Herschel Savage. Director and writer: Anthony Rose Production date: 4/25/98 (opening statement); 3/26/99 (box) Length: 84 min. Extras: Nine trailers, eight bonus scenes, a gallery with 20 photos from Curious, and an extra slide show with 40 unidentified photos. Audio/visual quality: The video quality is slightly inferior, though not to the point that the movie is unwatchable. The problems range from minor to moderately distracting; they include remnants, harsh lighting, shadows, grain, flickers, a moiré effect, jerkiness in the handheld camera and occasionally inexplicit angles. The good news is that the focus stays pretty sharp. The audio is okay and has a only few issues with hollowness, extraneous noises and maxed out vocals. The soundtrack is a generally pleasant mix of jazzy dance and chilled-out techno.
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Review brief: Let's get right to it. The menu: Animated and very cute in a child-like way, since this is a take-off on Mother Goose. Though the packaging seems to list a lot of features, there really isn't much here but a manual photo gallery, two trailers, and chapter search. The cast: Chi Chi La Rue (non-sex), Mickey Skee (non-sex), Candy Apples, Wolfgang Eisenschwartz (non-sex), Ethan Starr, T.J. Hart, Tommy Cruise, Bruce Hill, Zach Richards, Dave Nelson, Anthony Cox, Heaven Leigh, Obsession DeMore, Leo DiSilver, Elizabeth X, and Mistress Ilsa Silk (non-sex). The movie: Overall, the image varies from just okay (all of Chi Chi's scenes) to pretty good (the hot tub is particularly good), most of the poorer images can be blamed on the lighting, which is often less than stellar. Most of the audio is live, though some is obviously overdubbed, and the porno tunes are indistinguishable from most others you've seen. Another problem is that when there is dialogue, one performer is often very loud, while the other is barely audible.
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