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Boxcover for Asian Fever 10
Asian Fever 10 

Release date: 1/28/2003
Reviewed on: 3/14/2011 by daf1740

Starring: Nick Lang, Lee Stone, Frank Gunn, May, Ann, Noi, Apple, Bob Terminator, Lyla Lei, Nuch
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Anderson, Ray
Review brief: I've always loved Hustler's Asian Fever series, and this is one of my favorites in the bunch. They key word here is sensual. Aside from the one garbage American porn scene with Lyla Lia, each scene features beautiful Thai goddesses having sex with Eastern European men (who know how to treat a lady). Think lots of passionate kissing, licking, and sucking, leading up to couple-friendly vaginal sex.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 77 min. Production Date: 3 / 10 / 2002 (movie) 7 / 27 / 2002 (cover) Director: Bill Wright, Clive McLean, and Ray Anderson Cast: Ann Harlow, Ashley Moore, Dyn-a-Mite, Jesse V., Margaret, Maya Gold, Adam Harlow, Anthony Hardwood, Frank Gun, John West, Nick Lang, and host Cherry Rain The Short Story Initial Expectations: Hustler has put out some fun porn. There's a part of me that's looking forward to this one, but at the same time another part of me is leery with the amount of camera mugging in their early movies... Initial Reaction: It's simple and often a bit too quick, but it's also fun with nice chemistry. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting lighter porn Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting long sex scenes The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is nicely balanced, but the level does change slightly a couple times. There are also a couple background nosies, but they don't seem out of place for the locations.
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Review brief: This is an oral gangbang movie with the awesome cocksucker Bobbi Bliss. The movie starts out with a guy in a suit and sunglass leading the blindfolded Bobbi Bliss into a room and seated on a chair. Soon she is surrounded by nine naked guys, and she reaches out to the closest guys to slowly rub their dicks. While still blindfolded, she slowly sucks and deepthroats the guys and gets lightly face fucked a few times. Unfortunatly most of this part is really poorly shot as often the camera is behind the guys standing in front of her, and often they use an overhead camera far above the action which is black and white. They also used alot of special effects that makes the screen grainy and with different colors. To make it even worse is that Bobbi's pretty face is covered up with the blindfold. After 26 minutes of this, things get better as the blindfold is removed and basicly the scene starts all over again. Bobbi gets to her knees and softly sucks and deepthroats a guy, and then crawls over to the next guy to do some more deepthroat.
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Review brief: This movie features blowjobs in public places. The first scene is in Lax airport terminal parking lot (this movie was made before the added security because of 9/11). Emilla, a beautiful blonde wearing a white shirt and black mini skit, is on her knees blowing a guy. She lifts up her black mini skit and masterbates while giving the bj using alot of licking around the head and slow soft sucking. Emilla ends up jerking him off into her mouth. In another place at the airport terminal, Bobbi Bliss is blowing a guy who is leaning against a car. She deepthroats him and uses alot of hand stroking while sucking, and he ends up jerking off into her mouth. Somewhere else at the airport is Livia, in the front seat of a car slowly sucking on a guy and licking the head. Livia uses her hand to stroke him as she sucks, and she jerks him off in her face. Still at the airport terminal, in a stairway is Regan Starr in a black dress kneeling down in front of a guy. She uses alot of hand stroking while softly sucking him, and lifts up her dress to masterbate while blowing him.
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Boxcover for Asian Fever 12
Asian Fever 12 

Release date: 5/27/2003
Reviewed on: 8/11/2003 by oreb

Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Anderson, Ray
Review brief: Asian Fever #12 All Sex, Asian Starring:Kaylana, Ou, Tar, Kad, Rabbit, Bob Terminator, Nick Lang, Leslie T., Talon V. Directed By: Ray Anderson Running Time:Feature: 83 minutes, Total: 112 minutes. Rating:7.08/10 FEATURE: The beginning of this film is much too long and has no chick I.D. As we all know, the only reason to watch the beginning of an all sex movie is for the chick I.D. This movie has chapters within chapters, so when you hit the "next" button you don't jump all the way to the next scene, just the next position. The lighting is good over all and the audio/video is average. This is your standard all sex feature, I think all sex and gonzo movies should always have six scenes, unless they are long, and dispense with the cheasy lead ins. SCENE 1: Ou This one starts out with some shaky camera work, consisting of the two guys meeting her at the subway and persuading her to come back to their pad. She looks a little apprehensive as they start kissing and losing clothes. It is hard to tell if it is apprehension or just disinterest and a lack of grace.
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Boxcover for Asian Fever 11
Asian Fever 11 

Release date: 4/1/2003
Reviewed on: 6/29/2003 by nat-hocken

Starring: Yoko, Nan, Kaylani, Ba, Nem
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Anderson, Ray, Ray Anderson
Review brief: I like Asian girls, so Im watching Hustlers Asian Fever 11 and thinking maybe Ive hit something pretty good because the first scene has something. Its not a what, its a whobut whom the who is is anybodys guess since nobody bothered to identify the girls in this movie. There is a cast list, though, and the first name on it is Nem, so maybe thats her. And what Nem has is a convincing desire for sex and loads of confidence. Without recourse to dirty talk or violence, she quietly dominates the scene (and her partner) in the way a porn starlet shouldand just let the guy keep pace. Nem takes the cowgirl position to heart. Oh, its still inside the box porn, but its good inside the box porn, and Nem, at least, is pushing at the sides. You know, theres not another girl in the cast that has what Nem has, and that includes Kaylani Lei, whose scene in Babes Illustrated 12 was a smoker (although, come to think of it, it was Sabrine Maui who provided most of the sparks in that scene). The other four girls arent docile, they just arent as hot to get theirs as Nem is.
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Review brief: Hustlers Young Latin Girls 3 is a vignette film. The first vignette, Late for the Show, stars Mark Ashley and Amanda. It opens with Amanda lying in bed and Mark standing over her, telling herand I know youre ahead of me herethat they are too late to make the movie theyd been planning to see. Whats a couple at a loose end going to do? Ray Anderson wrote and directed this picture and I think Ive just given you a representative idea of what his writing is all about: its explanation (or exposition) rather than narrative. Why does this matter? Because Latin Girls 3 could have used the boost a decent situation, one integrated with the sex, can supply. This isnt an awful movie, but it isnt a very good one either. The young Latin girls on display, though attractive, arent terribly enthusiastic about their work. They make the right sounds and assume all the right positions, but they arent particularly active. Maybe its their inexperienceAimee Tyler has made more movies than her four co-stars combined.
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Boxcover for Asian Fever 6 (Hustler)
Asian Fever 6 (Hustler) 

Release date: 5/28/2002
Reviewed on: 1/29/2003 by nat-hocken

Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Anderson, Ray
Review brief: Nick Lang plays butler to Jangs mistress of the house in the first scene of director Ray Andersons Asian Fever 6. He lights her cigarette, feeds her a slice of watermelon, then takes up a larger slice with which to flavor Jangs nipples. After that, a couple of porn stars have sex. In the second scene, Chocky Ice, playing a horny neighbor, spots Da on her way into his building. He rushes to the elevator and conveniently bumps into her as she steps out. Its the perfect in: he invites her back to his place, serves her a glass of water. Then a couple of porn stars have sex. In the third scenehell, you get the idea. Anderson, like so many of his peers, directs two movies at once. No, hes not a master of multi-tasking, hes a multiple personality. Thats giving him too much credit actually: it takes a certain degree of creativity to form a second personality. I know, I knowthe bottom line in any sex film isnt the situation, the narrative, or the characters, its the sex. But look at it this way. If the plot is just so much filler, it isnt worth watching.
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Boxcover for X-tra Edition: Issue 1
X-tra Edition: Issue 1 

Release date: 8/25/2000
Reviewed on: 4/8/2001 by diville

Studio: Wildlife

Directed by: Anderson, Ray
Review brief: Staring: Silvia Saint, Jessica Darlin, Katie Gold, Dakota, Kailani, Haccan, Billy Glide, Jonathan Morgan, Guy DiSilva, Sean Rider Directed By: Ray Anderson I am hopeful that St. Peter's face will look a lot like Silvia Saint's pussy, and his pearly gates like her magnificent legs swinging wide just for me--deceased and heaven bound me. That's not too much to ask for, is it? Her body is, to be truthful, celestial. Heavenly. In fact, she may be a real saint after all--the patron kind of aching erections and techno savy masturbators. Watch her in action and understand that theology isn't just for the pious, any more. Unlike my heart, Avena X-tra Edition does not completely belong to Ms. Saint. Her's is only one of five vignettes which make up what is billed an adult video magazine. Actually, it's just a wall-to-wall feature with five separate sex scenes. What makes it a good wall-to-wall movie, though, is the caliber of women who star in it.
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